Colon Campbell is JEALOUS.

download-10The N&O’s boy wonder — and special lavatory investigator — opened up his favorite publication and found himself a scoop: 

The humor publication MAD Magazine has named Gov. Pat McCrory to its annual “20 Dumbest List” because of his support for House Bill 2.

The December issue spoofs McCrory as a “stall cop” with an image of the governor in a security officer uniform, a nod to the Paul Blart “Mall Cop” movies.

“Keeping North Carolina Bathrooms Safe From Transgender Persons Who Want to Take a Whizz,” the caption says.


THIS comes from the same fake news reporter who regaled us with his quest for genitalia at the Republican convention.  *Oh, yeah.  WE’RE Russian propaganda.  But the N&O is,um,  REAL journalism.*


6 thoughts on “Colon Campbell is JEALOUS.

  1. These days, the News and Observer, or Nuisance and Disturber, has a lot in common with Mad Magazine. Both are a joke, but only Mad realizes it. Both have about the same level of credibility, although the N&O does not seem to comprehend that either.

    Since the Old Unreliable is bleeding red ink, maybe The Onion will buy them up and at least make their satire funny.

  2. The Washington Times has been a great counterpoint to the liberal Washington Post for decades….I’m surprised their parent company hasn’t tried to replicate their success in places like Raleigh. I’d subscribe. Especially since I dropped my Nazi and Obnoxious subscription a decade ago.

  3. Support Governor Pat McCroy on this keeping bathrooms safe from Transgender! But not Commercial Fisheries destruction and Toil Roads.

    1. Actually, it is keeping the Anthony Weiners of the world out of bathrooms and shower rooms of our women and little girls. The privacy of our women and little girls matters a whole lot more than the whims of a handful of mentally ill gender deniers. Lefties are just sickies on this issue, like the far left Charlotte Observer which said editorially that schoolgirls would just have to get used to seeing penises in their showers. That is nuts.

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