A whole lotta spray tan, very little in the way of a clue ( and not much class)

s_j226z9Move over Binky, Colon, Grampa Rob, and Ms. Leslie.  There’s a new cheap-shot artist in town.  (And he’s bringing along a spray tan and an annoying Yankee accent to boot!)

I don’t watch live driveby broadcasts anymore.  I have caught this snide Yankee Jon Camp of ABC11 on streams of Marc Rotterman’s show. (He drones on through his nose like Chuck Schumer. It’s a sort of fly-buzzing-around-your-head-sound type of annoyance.)

THAT is the way to get to the essence of what’s happening in North Carolina — *dispatch a snide, know-it-all Yankee into flyover country with a camera and a microphone to teach the hillbillies a thing or two.*  When Trump starts sending folks back to Mexico, he needs to fit in a deportation back to Jersey for this guy.  

Here’s Jon-boy’s tweet about today’s press conference on the legislative districts ruling featuring Dallas Woodhouse and Bob Rucho:


I watched this thing live on Facebook.  I heard Rucho arguing with a driveby offscreen about just this thing.  Rucho made the following points:

  1.  The press conference was about the federal court ruling, but this driveby (presumably Camp) wanted to babble about “court-packing.”
  2. Rucho said “court-packing” was never discussed in caucus. (Oh, and added no date has been set for a special session. )dumb-reporter-new-york-times
  3. Rucho asked rhetorically why he should have to rule out something he never even had a discussion about.

*”Senator, can you rule out unequivocally ever beating your wife again?”*

The driveby (presumably Camp) continued to argue off-camera with Rucho.  (I could make out what Rucho was saying, but not much of what the driveby was saying.  The tone, though, came off as quite hostile and confrontational.)  I wonder if Camp treats The Round Rev with the same level of, um, “courtesy”?

There was a lot of interesting stuff from Rucho about the court case and the legislature’s potential responses.  But Camp, this Jersey-transplanted dingleberry, came away with THIS.   I encourage you to look up the stream on Facebook if you can.  You won’t get the facts about it on ABC11.



5 thoughts on “A whole lotta spray tan, very little in the way of a clue ( and not much class)

  1. Well, what do you expect when you are dealing with a fake news outlet? As always the narrative they want to promote takes a back seat to reality and facts.

    BTW – Drive by is no longer applicable, their chosen description of fake news is now much more descriptive…you may want to start using that term 🙂

  2. A carpetbagging leftwing yankee twit fits in very well with the fake news media in NC. He would probably have been happier working for Radio Moscow in the Stalin era.

    The other interesting thing is there is Woodhouse again playing acting chairman. The party ED is supposed to run the organizational stuff at HQ, not be a prima donna at press conferences. The party chairman, or in his absence, the vice chairman, who are elected to lead the party should be speaking for it, not the hired help.

  3. Why was Robin Hayes not at the press conference? Who knows? He was probably too busy doing deals with the governor’s office for his environmentalist buddies. But that does not matter. The Central Committee hired Dallas to be the substitute chairman. When Hasan would not cooperate, we got rid of him and put in Robin who lets Dallas do whatever Dallas wants. As to press conferences, the odds are better with someone who may show up drunk than with someone who is getting senile.

  4. The constantly flip-flopping McCrory, a native of Ohio, should get a spray tan to go with his pedicure. He should also move back to Ohio. Too bad Dan Forrest didn’t primary him this year.

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