(Pssst. Hey. Check out all the results-accepting and STUFF.)

tdy_miguel_protests_161110__752493-nbcnews-ux-1080-600How come you don’t ever see Republican voters riot?  I mean running-through-the-streets-breaking-stuff rioting?  Seriously.  Anyone?  (Bueller?) 

It seems just like yesterday that the driveby media and the I’m-with-Her crowd were tut-tutting and lecturing us about how undemocratic and improper it is to not accept the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box.

I have to admit.  I was not happy about the presidential election results of 2008 and 2012.  But not ONCE did I even think about throwing a public temper tantrum, running through the streets, or breaking someone else’s stuff.


Back to the present.  What a difference a few weeks make!  Not seeing a whole lot of accepting-the-results from the I’m-With-Her crowd.  Let’s see, we’ve got arrests in Charlotte.   (Maybe they were still protesting that whole police shooting thing from a few months back.) There was mayhem in Winston-Salem.  Delicate snowflakes walked out of their classes at UNC-Chapel Hill.   All hell broke lose in California, in Boston, Philadelphia, NYC, and Chicago.  ‘Not our president,’  they were chanting.  la-trump-protest-photos

I hear secession plans are being crafted in California.  (Oh, yes.  There IS a God.)  I hope they’ll let us know how we can contribute to that worthy effort.  

Ah. So THIS is what accepting-the-results of an election looks like.   (Give them what they want, or they’re going to throw a fit and break your stuff.)

8 thoughts on “(Pssst. Hey. Check out all the results-accepting and STUFF.)

  1. I believe this is the direct result of George Soros call to action. One day we will be rid of Moveon. Not one day too soon.

    1. I guess that concepts like “peaceful transfer of power” and “the will of the people” are alien to them.

  2. Look, Republicans are adults. We have jobs the next day and have to get a good night’s sleep, we probably have children that we care about and actually care for, we are actually mature enough to not have a meltdown when we do not get our way, we understand that life is not always fair and justice is not always there.

    Feel free to add any other thoughts on maturity here:

  3. I also vote to not go to war again if the Left coast secedes. No union is worth that, and they would quickly see how much they need us.

  4. Had the election been Cruz vs Clinton and had Cruz won you would have seen the same violence. This has nothing to do with TRUMP but this is a direct attack against Conservative Values and the Judeo-Christian ethic of the founding fathers that the Progressive Leftists want to purge from this land

    1. Well, we know the paid protesters were ready to go and that is what we got. This is not some grass roots ground up type thing. It is the Soros funded groups that want to present anarchy.

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