Hey. Where’d these 90,000 uncounted votes come from?

shrugIsn’t it amazing that “technical” problems always seem to happen on election day in strong Democrat-voting localities?  Stuff just doesn’t break down in Republican locales.

Yesterday, Durham county had some “technical” glitches and got a court order extending voting hours.  They also –*Surprise!* — discovered 90,000 votes that had not been counted from early voting.

Holy Al Franken! (Yes, we’re citing the comedian turned US senator who won his seat mainly due to trunkloads of uncounted ballots mysteriously showing up after the polls closed.)

After all of that got added to the mix, a roughly 40,000 vote lead for Pat McCrory in the governor’s race turned into a 5000 vote lead for Roy Cooper.  Chuck Stuber’s lead in the auditor’s race turned into a 3000 vote deficit.  And Buck Newton’s 40,000 vote lead in the attorney general’s race turned into a 19,000 vote deficit.

You want all legitimately-cast votes counted.  But last-minute stuff like this tars the integrity of an election a lot like a last-second foul or penalty call spoils the integrity of a sporting event’s final score.

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  1. This stinks to high heavens! Do not concede the election, Pat or Buck, until a full and honest investigation/recount takes place. Something is just not right.

    1. Agreed. Check to make sure they did not stuff the ballot boxes. Look at registered voters to votes cast. Not sure how they can get away with this mess. Heres to hoping the provisional ballots and remaining absentee ballots go to McCrory. With how “bigly” Trump won and how nicely Burr and Forest won, this just does not quite make sense.

        1. When NC voted 51% for Trump, there is NO WAY they voted for Cooper. Every one of those ballots that showed that kind of idiocy should be burned!

          1. If the Supreme Court race had been run like the Court of Appeals with party listed on the ballot, Bob Edmunds would have won hands down. Unfortunately, some idiots in the legislature tried to get cute and copied the California liberal method of a retention referendum to replace the election that the Constitution calls for. Of course, you Democrats called them on it, and when the smoke cleared, Edmunds was stuck running under the bad old method where the voters could not tell one side from the other. In my county, that meant Edmunds doing better than the identifiable Republicans in Democrat precincts and Morgan doing better than the identifiable Democrats in Republican precincts. Voters were left without the information to cast an informed vote. Some assumed falsely by ballot line that the two were of the opposite parties from what they really were due to comparing ballot lines with the Court of Appeals candidates. That part may be an SBOE screwup, but the big problem was from the idiots in the legislature who apparently failed to read or understand the Constitution.

            Voters were NOT going to knowingly elect Trump and then an extreme leftie like Morgan.

          2. In other words Conservatives didn’t do their homework and just voted for the first name on the ballot…Funny how that goes when the (R) and the (D) don’t come into play.

      1. The little village next to us had 956 more ballots cast than they have registered voters there? I guess it’s just a “ACCIDENTAL” glitch in the “New” Soros associated corporations machine’s that were installed for this election. 5 will get you 10, those votes were all from deceased Democrats like several other districts here.

    2. 23 states have reported some sort of voting irregularity (nice word for fraud), and every instance was in favor of the left; it is exactly how Ovomit was put in office. If that doesn’t explain the mysterious appearance of 90,000 ballots (just enough to conveniently switch the front runner) nothing will. Anyone who votes in favor of faggs and he-she’s using the opposite sex’s restrooms is rotten to the core.

    3. Yes those votes need to have extra special attention paid to them. Be sure the voter was not dead, did not vote two times and any other scenario that could happen. This stinks of an NAACP heist of the election.

      1. I heard there was 10,000 missing votes in Pasquotank. Heard WRAL had a story on it, found the article and it was edited today around noon and no longer mentions these votes and the title has changed once you click on the article. Google shows unedited title. My point is this, Pasquotank is apparently missing 10k votes and had ball park 16,500 total votes cast. Ball park population of 40,000. That is about 41% of people voting. That seems small, normally around 60%. If you add 10k to the 16,500 that is 26,500 votes (not saying all 10k are McCrory or Cooper, but every vote should count) and that makes it 66% much more typical. I find that very interesting and a little off.

        Not to mention the only county where either candidate (Cooper or McCrory) is under 23% is Durham with McCrory at 19.79% and the only county with either Cooper or McCrory over 74% is Durham with Cooper at 78.54%. Just seems too… what is the word. Fishy.
        For the record, in the 2012 Gov race, McCrory lost Durham 70.8% (100k votes) to 26.7% (38k votes).

        I guess my point is we definitely need some investigation going on because not only is this race extremely close but there is some ballot box stuffing going on. I wish I could say my bold prediction is that McCrory wins but sadly I do not know if I believe that myself…

  2. The surprise ballots should definitely be scrutinized to ensure they are not fraudulent. Governor, stand tough as you always do and don’t concede.

  3. If this is not rectified – by WHATEVER LEGAL MEANS NECESSARY – then the integrity of a free people’s vote (in North Carolina and anywhere) is not guaranteed in any of our states. All of the votes, machine ballots and absentee, should be under lock and key until they can be verified.

  4. Trump was right! The election was rigged! Except Trump was able to get higher vote totals in other counties to overcome the rigging. McCrory and Newton maybe not so much. All the negative ads against them in NC hurt bigly!

  5. This possible voter fraud in Durham County should be thoroughly investigated. If suspected irregularities are found, those responsible should be indicted. The right to vote is the basis of our form of government, and must be protected.

  6. If the republican people FOUND 90,000 votes that got OVERLOOKED , then I would expect the Democrats to yell Foul. This should not surprise anyone. No matter who you vote for you want it Honest. It’s what the rest of the world looks to us for. Count them all again. make sure no one voted twice , no felons voted , no dead people voted, no non citizens voted and all overseas military votes are counted and all absentee votes counted and let the chips fall where they may.

  7. As I recall, McCrory vetoed the magistrate marriage protection bill. It was overridden by th legislator. Then when Moderate Mitt McCrory was criticized by MSM drivebys, he said that had he vetoed HB2, the radical elements in the legislature would have rammed something “much more extreme” into law.
    Why should we trust Pat McCrory? Seriously.

    1. Obviously you are more interested in protecting strange and bizarre behaviors than you are religious freedom. Mere behaviors should never be the basis of a protected class.

      It is also not relevant to voter fraud. Are you suggesting that 90,000 of these people with bizarre behaviors descended on Durham and committed vote fraud in protest? If they did it would still be election fraud.

  8. The Durham County Board of Elections is majority Republican and the Elections Director was hired by the current board. I suspect it is more incompetence than fraud.

    1. We have been seeing enough of THAT with our state BOE board members and the director they hired. However, when the round reverend shows up when Soros whistles for him and starts making demands, the local people need to have the backbone to stand up to these thugs.

      There were reports of holdover staff being allowed to commit election fraud with unsigned registrations published earlier on this site. The GOP needs to do a whole lot better on who they appoint to these boards.

      Under the present GOP chairman (Grandpa), there have also been instances where the appointments from the local county parties were not honored.

  9. Somebody needs to remind McCrory that the 10,000 SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterans) members in NC whose Confederate license plates he tried to confiscate, voted for Cooper or the Libertarian candidate. In 2012 they voted overwhelmingly for McCrory. They didn’t appreciate McCrory throwing them under the bus. In a bizarre twist, these SCV members were McCrory’s margin of defeat. No doubt, this was McCrory’s most stupid action as governor. It cost him his governorship.

  10. I watched the votes tallied all night long on the State BOE site and noticed that once Trump hit a 5 point vote differential with Hillary, he stayed there for the next couple hours even as heavily Dem/urban precincts around the state continued to post their results. And during this time, McCrory also remained well ahead. Which makes me wonder how suddenly a bolus of votes gets dumped in from Durham and flips the Gov result by a huge amount. I don’t believe this – it totally smacks of fraud.

    Heck, Dems in the Broward Co, FLA elections office were caught filling out stacks of absentee ballots in a back room last weekend.


  11. I agree with Taylor–McCrory’s SCV license plate confiscation plan, in retrospect, is responsible for his margin of loss. A lot of people are talking about this. Why on earth did his staff let him do this?

    1. Several similar blunders also cost McCrory lots of votes. The I-77 toll lanes cost him in North Meck and South Iredell. The pandering to the radical environmentalists of the CCA on Marine Fisheries appointments cost him among commercial fishermen and their families in eastern North Carolina. These voters are normally core GOP voters. Two of McCrory’s NON-Republican cabinet secretaries, Tony Tata at Transportation and John Skvarla at DENR are largely responsible for those blunders.

  12. We don’t need weak minions working under the BOE leadership of people willing to intimidate and be intimidated by the left. Poll Greeting this year was not for the unseasoned volunteer. The voter war zone created by people power to oppress the voter was alive and well this year.

  13. I agree – this is Al Franken all over again. Paper Ballots. Vote on election day after showing a valid photo ID that you obtained after proving you are legally able to vote in this country. These 90,000 votes that were “found” reeks of fraud. No way would we vote for Trump and then vote for Cooper and the other Dems. I know I didn’t and I don’t believe for one minute that anyone else did either. Where did these “found” votes come from? How can they be verified to be real? This is a travesty.

  14. If the investigations into this elections thievery in Durham County do NOT include criminal indictments, THE INVESTIGATIONS ARE NOT COMPLETE.

  15. George Soros directed a lot of money to funding the left in North Carolina, and he also maxed out in political contributions to Roy Cooper. One of those on Soros’ payroll was Rev. Bill Barber’s NAACP (Nutty Association for the Advancement of Crooked Politics). Soros’ minion Barber was clearly involved in at least some parts of the Durham County operation. He was the one, for instance, out demanding that the polls in the black precincts be held open longer (a cynical ploy also used previously to steal a statewide election in Durham County).

    I would like to see a criminal investigation that hopefully could go right up to Commissar Soros, who was a WWII Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary as a youth.

    Barber is constantly the front man for the extreme left when they try to rig the system to allow election fraud. He was the one who filed the suit to keep people who had moved or died on the election rolls and to block the most effective means of stopping voter fraud, use of photo Voter ID’s.

  16. Glad that we won most elections. Hope that McCrory and Newton win after the canvassing.

    The problem is that the Dems/libs have decades head-start in setting up institutional leadership throughout the state that guarantees that our young people become liberal progressives.

    The appointment of Margaret Spellings and the failure of Wos to clean house at NC DHHS when she came in are prime examples of continuing problems that GOP LEADERSHIP failed to address over the last 4 years.

    It is great to win elections. I worked my ass off this year. Having said that, the problems will only be solved by conservatives being elected and working hard to turn the CULTURE around, not just worrying about the next election.

    Just my opinion.

  17. Observant Debate Watcher–You hit the nail on the head in your comments. Republicans have no idea how to govern or think long term. Appointing RINOs to key positions is like taking a knife to a gun fight. They are completely clueless in an ideological fight with the Democrats. What has happened on the UNC Board of Governors and throughout state government under McCrory is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

    1. The McCrory administration did worse than appointing RINO’s. McCrory’s cabinet when it was first appointed was only even half Republican, and only one cabinet secretary could in any way be callled an activist. Lots of lower policy making positions also went to Democrat and liberal activists.

  18. Republicans think that running a campaign means putting out a bunch of signs and sending out a few mailers. Wrong. It’s a new day because of technology. The progressives have found ways to make the system work for them. Republicans need to wake up and start suing.

  19. …oldest dirtbag democrap/socialist trick in the book- This happened twice in Mecklenburg county in past years to keep communist Parks Helms on the council

  20. This should be easy.
    (Or I missed the process some way.)

    Somehow, the BOE must keep track of who votes so they can mark who are active and inactive voters. The number of total ballots counted should equal the number of people who were marked as “active.”

    Ballots do not have names on them, but SOMEWHERE there should be paperwork with names on it.

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