MORE Russia nonsense.

As the vote of the electoral college and inauguration day itself approach, the hysteria is reaching a deafening pitch.  We’re told that Russia subverted our political process and gave us Donald Trump.  (In 2008 and 2012, reports that Barry Obama was a Manchurian Candidate for radical Islam were roundly dismissed and ridiculed by the SAME PEOPLE pushing THIS tripe THIS year.) 

  • Subversion via hacking.    Black hat hacking is morally equivalent to breaking-and-entering into a facility you do not own or reside in. It is a crime.  But in a world connected with ethernet cable and wireless signals, WHO has the jurisdiction to clamp down on it?  The NYPD has no authority to go after computer hackers sitting in front of laptops in Russia or France.
    During the election, emails were leaked to the media that made the Democrats and their presidential candidate look bad.  The information in them was true.  The faux news 
    drive by media and the Democrats had major butt-hurt about the fact there were no emails embarrassing Republicans.  The compliant drive by media, which has protected Democrats for decades, was being bypassed by hackers and websites.  In an attempt to distract from the content of the hacked emails,  the Democrats and their media comrades “discovered” the Russian threat. The same people hailing Fidel Castro on his death — the guy who hosted nukes 90 miles from our shores and provided aid and comfort to drug cartels ravaging our country —  and w
    ho ridiculed conservatives for their anti-communism are now in mealy-mouthed overdrive.

    How did Russia subvert the US election?  (IF they were behind the hacks.)  By doing the worthless, useless, faux news driveby media’s job FOR IT

  • Russia, itself.  Russian history and culture have long been an interest of mine. Russians, like many other ancient cultures, have never known anything but a strongman ruler.  Too many in our country try to transfer what we have here in America to places like Russia that have never had it and would likely not know what to do with it. As the world stands, we have THREE big dogs prowling the globe: Russia, China, and US.  We can throw rocks at Russia and push them into an alliance with China — who is already working overtime to trash us economically.  We have a significant common interest with Putin — crushing ISIS.  ISIS, by far, is the boena for that Nigerian prince who keeps sending him emails wanting to send him cash in exchange for a mail order.)iggest threat out there to civilized, non-Islamic society.  The smart move with Russia is to keep them contained. They’re not overrunning free countries like they were in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s
    .  They ARE a major economic power with a lot of guns, bombs and other fun toys.  (It’s not like pushing around Iraq or Afghanistan.)
    It can also be argued that, in a case like Russia, it’s better to have someone like Putin in charge than to have a weaker person and /or a power vacuum (like with Iraq, Aghanistan, etc.)
  • An investigation? Useful idiots like Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Tricky Dick Burr are on board for an investigation of all of this. Okay.  You get a media circus from the probe.  But what do you do?  Subpoena Putin?  Riiiiight.  Toss him in jail?  Riiiiiight.  (I can almost see Burr seeking a ubp
  • The answer.  Flex your muscles and mount an aggressive deterrent.  It’s what we SHOULD be doing at our southern border. It’s what we should be doing with our military worldwide. (Israeli airliners don’t get hijacked.  Russians don’t get kidnapped or killed by Muslim fanatics.)   It’s what we should be doing in terms of cybersecurity.  Instead of crying to CNN and The New York Times, mount a credible, aggressive deterrent to  this nonsense.
    Hacking is a huge problem.  The security system for our web site bats away at least THREE foreign hack attacks per minute.  THIS LIL’ OL’ SITE.  Cyberthreats are right up there with illegal immigration and illegal drugs in terms of threats to our country.   Richard Burr holding hearings won’t address the problem.  Obama holding press conferences won’t help the problem. We need the equivalent of boots on the ground.  Well-trained personnel with the knowledge and the tools and the resources needed to aggressive batten down the hatches and chase these vermin away from our stuff.