SCOTUS puts brakes on Soros-Barber-Cooper tag team efforts to obtain new maps, elections for 2017

For a while, it’s been looking like — if you can’t get your way at the ballot box — you judge-shop until you find an old law school crony in black robes to make something up and bail you out.  Our highest court appears to be putting the brakes on that trend: 

The Supreme Court on Tuesday halted a lower North Carolina district court’s order to hold special legislative elections in 2017.

Republican state officials, led by ex-Gov. Pat McCrory, asked the Supreme Court late last month to halt a Nov. 29 order that a special election be held for state legislative seats in 2017.

The November court order found that North Carolina legislative maps were unconstitutional and racially gerrymandered. It then called for the General Assembly to draw new maps and hold a special election to fix the problem.

“[T]he district court has now ordered the most extreme and intrusive remedy possible: partial invalidation of an election and imposition of a special election that overrides multiple provisions of the North Carolina Constitution (not to mention the reasonable expectations of North Carolina voters),” Republican Supreme Court lawyer Paul Clement wrote in the December filing.

Before the Supreme Court‘s decision Tuesday, 28 special elections were scheduled for the North Carolina General Assembly.

North Carolina’s state government is currently divided, with Republicans holding the state legislature and newly elected Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper as governor.

There was no recorded dissent on the Tuesday order.

Hmmm.  The “most extreme and intrusive remedy possible.”  

4 thoughts on “SCOTUS puts brakes on Soros-Barber-Cooper tag team efforts to obtain new maps, elections for 2017

  1. Divided, but not equally so. Governor Goofball will soon find himself dancing to the Legislature’s tune.

  2. Hallelujah! I hope this holds. Next year will be soon enough for me to be subjected to the lies and personally abusive attacks from the coalition of liberals in both parties who manage to find someone to come after me in every primary. You would think that after they failed last year in spite of spending nearly $200,000 to my about $46,000.00 in the primary they would have learned by striking out three times that the good people in my district don’t go for that stuff. But I’m sure they are already chomping at the bit to come after me again because I work for the people and not for the special interest cronies. Same goes for a lot of my wonderful colleagues, I’m sure. None of us should be subjected to unconstitutional redistricting nor an unconstitutional election this year. I hope the US Supreme Court will understand and make that clear.

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