#ncga: Speaker Timmy’s Employment Service

That’s right! Just throw him a few solids, and the little guy from King’s Mountain will hook you up with the taxpayer-funded daytime preoccupation of your choice.  (Even if he has to CREATE it out of thin air.)

Well, wonders never cease.  Colon Campbell has escaped from the men’s room to go do some REAL REPORTING:

Clayton Somers, who has been serving as N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore’s chief of staff, is joining UNC-Chapel Hill in a newly created position overseeing public affairs.[…] 

Oh, thank goodness a “public affairs” position was created for Speaker Timmy’s pal.  HOW ELSE would we ever know what the deal is with the University of North Carolina? It’s a big secret.  Like the masons.  The Bilderbergers.  (*The House Republican Caucus.*)  MORE: 

Somers started work Monday as vice chancellor of public affairs and secretary of the university, a position created with approval from the UNC Board of Governors. That board is appointed by legislative leaders, including Moore.

Somers will make an annual salary of $280,000 – a big raise from the $158,500 he earned when he joined the speaker’s office.

Twice ($$$$$$) what Roy Cooper is making!  (Good job.  Literally.)  MORE: 

[…] “I am pleased to add a highly skilled professional of Clayton Somers’ caliber to our senior leadership team,” UNC Chancellor Carol Folt said in a news release Monday. “The diverse range of Clayton’s public affairs and business experience, combined with his unique knowledge of the General Assembly and state government, will be a tremendous asset as we assess the university’s future needs and vital role in serving North Carolinians.”

The news release says Folt wanted to add the position in an effort to have “a more dedicated focus on state and federal relations issues” and that Somers will be “the primary liaison with the Board of Trustees.” Somers was selected after a national search.

Somers has been Moore’s top aide since he was elected House speaker in 2015. Before that, he led the N.C. Turnpike Authority and advised the N.C. High School Athletic Association as general counsel. He’s also been an attorney with several prominent Raleigh firms.

Oh, AND he’s been a Democrat, too. 



8 thoughts on “#ncga: Speaker Timmy’s Employment Service

  1. Somers has been the Democrat presence in Moore’s office. Who will replace him; another Democrat or a RINO?

    This sort of backroom corruption in state government is just sickening. It reminds me of the overpaid NCSU ”job” that was created for Easley’s wife. Between this and the ASU corrupt solar guy, it looks like there is a lot of overpaid deadwood on university staffs. Conservatives could save a lot of money for taxpayers by eliminating these useless jobs.

    Tim Moore is an embarassment to the Republican Party.

  2. This is exactly why the radical leftwing corruption in the UNC system has been allowed to continue even with GOP control of the system. At some point Republican voters simply have to start voting these GOP incumbent legislators out of office. We definitely need some new blood.

    1. For these sorts of people, giving and receiving patronage is the main, if not only, reason they get into politics at all.

  3. This is why the GOP Establishment can never be trusted. And the NC GOP Establishment is just as bad as the one in Washington. We need a NC Trump candidate to blow them all out of the water. NC conservatives have been betrayed over and over again, especially on UNC issues.

    1. We need to avoid any candidate for state GOP chairman endorsed by establishment liberal Republicans like Burr, Tillis, or Moore.

      I hope that Forest will not go along with such a cramdown this time and that Berger will avoid doing so. It is an extreme slap at the grassroots for elected officials to try to do a cramdown on the state party offices.

  4. Berger and Forest are the only hope for the continued success of the GOP in North Carolina. Tillis, Burr, and Moore have sold us out time and time again. McCrory was simply a non-entity who never understood what he stood for. Mark Martin and Bob Edmunds destroyed the GOP’s hold on the Supreme Court. Martin is still a problem and seems determined to placate the liberal Democrats. None of this should have happened. RINOs have virtually destroyed our party. RINOs are keeping UNC in safe liberal Democrat hands. We are in for a rough ride. Hopefully, Forest and Berger can lead us through the unchartered waters we face for the next four years. At least they know what they stand for and believe in.

  5. Thomas—It’s already too late to save the NC GOP. When the fateful decision was made by the GOP legislature and McCrory to leave the UNC system under liberal Democrat control, the die was cast. College Republican clubs and conservative student organizations have been decimated at UNC, NC State, ASU, UNC-G, UNC-Asheville and most other UNC system schools by liberal faculty and administrators. Conservatives cannot get hired on faculties and conservative students have been abandoned on their campus battlegrounds. But the GOPe will get a few plum positions until they too are dismissed by the liberal Democrat UNC establishment. The UNC liberal establishment put Roy Cooper and Josh Stein in office; it’s just a matter of time before they once again take over the NC legislature and reclaim the entire state for their bounty. The GOPe surrendered without a fight. We need to face reality.

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