#ncga: Viva Las Vegas! (Hey, let’s eat.)

Yes, boys and girls, that appears to be the theme for state Rep. Jason Saine’s  Q1 2018 campaign finance report.  He DID have  a primary opponent, but it is amazing how little of his campaign expenditures appear to actually have something to do with campaigning.

According to his campaign report, the guy who once charged $19,000 worth of suits to his campaign fund spent more than  $20,000 in the first quarter of 2018.  And most of it  this time appeared to be devoted to FOOD.

(He could only manage to cough up $60 to the NCGOP this quarter.)

Of course, there is the miscellaneous travel thrown in there.  There was the $852.93 bill his campaign ran up for “lodging” in March at Charlotte’s Dunhill Hotel. The hotel’s website prominently pitches its “romantic getaway” package to potential customers.

Charlotte is NOT in his district, but is a hop skip and a jump from his Lincoln County home.

We also had the trip to Vegas, courtesy of the campaign, in January.  The campaign picked up the tab for dinner at “Charlie’s Bar & Grill” in Sin City as well as a stay at The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel.

It’s not clear how Saine got to Vegas.  I could not find a line item for airfare.  (It’s clear he didn’t hike out there.  I mean, look at the guy.) 

Let’s not forget the stay at Washington, DC’s The Hamilton, courtesy of the campaign, also in March.

Of course, there is also an Amtrak ticket and a bunch of line items for “office supplies.”  (I’m under the impression that the legislature gives you a stipend for that stuff and basically helps you get anything you need for your office.) 

Meanwhile, former senator Fletcher Hartsell sits in his federal prison cell wondering why Saine is not parked next to him.