A Post-Timmy NC House: A choice of bad, worse, worst, or, um — (worster???)

As House speaker Timmy Biscuitville kicks off his farewell tour in Raleigh, the political chattering class has begun cackling about just WHO will fill the tubby little guy’s shoes. (The little guy from Kings Mountain is already running around to places like The American Legion and raving about his love for Jesus and Apple Pie and, and, and ….)

The strong word is that Timmy has his eyes on DC.  That makes sense.  Where else can someone with his prowess and skill for sliminess, back-stabbing, double-dealing, and mealy-mouthedness go to prosper, bloom and further nurture and grow these skills?  (Don’t say The Law.  He’s already been there, done that.) 

Well, the folks at Pope, Inc. — aka Locke and Civitas — are already disseminating softball-laden interviews with the “announced” candidates for speaker.  Judging from that field — it’s quite safe to say that IT CAN get worse.

John Bell. From a distance, this guy looks harmless.  (He’s actually had the cojones to converse with ME.)  But you need to keep in mind that Bell was a long-time protege of — let’s say “controversial” – former legislator David Lewis of Harnett County.  So, he’s danced with the devil. 

Bell has sat quietly by while Medicaid expansion, legal marijuana, casinos, alternative energy nonsense, and corporate welfare have flowed through the GOP-dominated legislature.  Promoting him would be little more than adding some flavor and garnish atop the already prepped sleaze salad on Jones Street. 

Jason Saine.  Oh, hell-to-the-no.  Saine was plucked off of the unemployment rolls in Lincoln County  in 2011 to fill a vacancy in the House. He sounds like actor Seth Rogan and looks like Bob’s Big Boy.

A background of business failures and unemployment helped magically propel Saine to the top money-dispensing job in the House. 

A review of his campaign finance reports suggests he’s been living off that money for years. And we all know legislative campaign funds – especially those of high-ranking legislators – are mostly filled by lobbyists and other heavy hitters with business before the legislature.

This guy is up for “Policy Maker of The Year” by the gambling industry’s top lobbying group.  Saine has shared the announcement all over social media.  He’s OWNED and proud of it.

I’ll never forget the nearly $20,000 expenditure on his campaign report.  The report claimed he spent the money with Tom James — a world renowned firm that deals mostly with ‘big dogs’ of the corporate world like Donald Trump. The company caters to people who are too busy to go clothes shopping.  They send tailors to the big-dog’s office to take measurements and do fittings.  (Their stuff is made from scratch and looks good. I know people around Pinehurst who have patronized Tom James. It’s out of my price range, I’ll admit.) 

Saine admitted to the drive-bys that he’s FAT and needs specially tailored clothes.  I’m pretty sure there are other fat guys in the world who can get suits that don’t require an in-home or in-office visit by the tailor.  I’ve seen Saine’s wardrobe on a number of occasions. He doesn’t wear anything Tom James-caliber.  So, who got the expensive clothes –IF the money was actually spent on expensive clothes?

Saine also has a reputation for threatening and intimidating anyone who dares to question or veer away from House Leadership’s game plan.

Jason Saine is a loser in life who could not survive without the assistance of special interests with fat wallets.  He can’t manage his own business or his own life. Yet, the NCGOP believed him worthy of handling our money.  Saine doesn’t need a promotion.  He needs to be sent home to Lincoln County for a refresher on The Real World. 

Destin Hall.  We had high hopes for Hall when he first came to Raleigh. He primaried and knocked off a RINO incumbent.  Speaker Timmy and the boys even came to the district to campaign against Hall in the primary.   Hall made us think we had a bright, young MAGA warrior on our hands.

Now, here we are with Hall as the Rules Committee chairmanship.  Chairing the Rules Committee makes you the Speaker’s right hand man.  It’s the position Timmy held until Tillis left for DC. Nothing moves in the House without Hall’s blessing.  Hall, still, has to answer to Timmy. Medicaid expansion, corporate welfare, centralized government power, casinos, and weed have all breezed through the House without a whimper from Hall.

In some circles, Hall’s political posturing has been labeled, not a ‘full Monty,’ but a ‘Full Murphy’ in honor of Third District congressman and former legislator Greg Murphy. Murphy campaigned as a conservative with Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, but ran to Kevin McCarthy and Richard Hudson as soon as he got to DC.

Keith Kidwell.  Kidwell has had a respectable voting record. Yet, we’ve seen no evidence of any kind suggesting leadership qualities on his part.  He’s chaired the so-called House Freedom Caucus, which has basically sat on its thumbs as Speaker Biscuitville and the boys rammed some godawful stuff through the House.   He’s yet to prove himself as a firewall against business-as-usual in the House.  What makes you think he’ll be any better as speaker?

So, in conclusion, we’ve got four choices who all deserve a one-way ticket back home more than a promotion in the House ranks. 

Any victories we’ve seen in the House recently have been due to the forceful application of outside pressure.  We have less tolerance for failure by the coaches of our favorite teams than we do for our elected officials.  Have one or two poor seasons on the court or field?  FIRED !!!!

Bust the budget?  Raise taxes?  Sell your votes to the highest bidder?  Two or Six more years in office for YOU!

We can do better, people.  A lot better.