Timmy & Phil act quickly on appointment power recently snatched-from-Roy

OH, there’s surely a lot of smugness and giggling over on Raleigh’s Jones Street.

*”Yeah. We’re really screwing Roy.  We’re taking all of his stuff from him.  We’ll have him sitting in the corner with nothing to do by the end of his term.”*

THIS came over the transom on Jones Street this week.  It’s a long list of people getting added to the state payroll by their connected friends in the General Assembly.  Everything from judges to college board members.   One of the big beneficiaries is Speaker Timmy’s BFF and former chief of staff Clayton Somers.  (Some of you may recall that Somers has been parked over at UNC for some time acting as lil’ Timmy’s shot-caller. ) Now, he’s apparently heading over to the Superior Court bench — thanks to friends in high places in the General Assembly. 

Some of the NCGOP gigglers need to stop and think a minute.  Aren’t you also screwing over the next Republican who becomes governor?   Better yet —  what happens the next time you have a GOP governor and a Democrat majority in the General Assembly?  (Ask Jim Martin about that.  He knows it all too well.) 

In 1988, General Assembly Democrats neutered the lieutenant governor’s position upon Republican Jim Gardner’s election to that post.  Since then, the GOP has taken over the legislative majority.  And they’ve yet to restore the position to its original state — despite the election of two more GOP lieutenant governors since Gardner.

If you combine 1988 with what’s being done now to Roy Cooper and Republican insurance commissioner Mike Causey, you’ll notice a very dangerous trend arising.  AUTHORITARIANISM.  The centralization of all, or even most all, government power is a dangerous, dangerous thing. We’ve got scores and scores and scores of examples throughout world history — mostly Third World countries — to look at and learn from.

Authoritarianism makes a select few very powerful and very very rich.  It also snatches a whole lot of rights and freedoms away from the common people.

By cheerleading what you believe to be a partisan victory over Governor Doofus, you may be applauding the confiscation of a lot of your very own freedoms and liberties.