Speaker ‘Pee Wee’ continues to thumb his nose at ACTUAL conservatives

*Oh, there is soooooo muuuuuuch butthurt in this little, bow-tied one.*

It took Kevin McCarthy FIFTEEN tries to get elected speaker of the US House in January.  It took a detailed, specific agreement between McCarthy and ACTUAL conservatives to finally get the job done.  McCarthy agrees to abide by the agreement, and all will be well — we were told.

Not long after McCarthy got sworn in, he and his entourage — of which Patrick McHenry is a member — began thumbing their collective noses at their ACTUAL conservative colleagues.  They cozied up to  Schumer and Biden on spending and debt ceiling limitations — grossly violating the agreement McCarthy blessed in order to get elected speaker.

When ACTUAL conservatives complained about McCarthy’s betrayal, Kevin & his gang collectively laughed at them, taunted them, and said  ‘Bring it.’  So, Matt Gaetz and his team did JUST THAT.  They brought it.   (McCarthy & co. GOT what they asked for.)

Now, the halls of the Capitol are flooded with RINO tears over the departure of now-former speaker McCarthy.  The RINO Appropriator class whines away about those mean, unreasonable MAGA-types.  (*Never mind that the Appropriator bullies totally disrespected a lawful agreement, and dared conservatives to ‘do something about it.’ *)

Immediately following McCarthy’s ouster,  a guy with arguably the thinnest, weakest CV in DC — our very own Patrick ‘Pee Wee’ McHenry — got elevated to ‘temporary speaker.’   And, oh, did our state’s political establishment fawn and prostrate. 

A lot of the coverage has sounded like teenage girls gushing over one Taylor Swift.

McHenry whined to Politico about how he ” … stay[ed] above the fray to keep the House together.”  McClatchy gleefully dictated about how McHenry went from “complete anger to making history.”

*I guess we’re all supposed to ignore Matt Gaetz’s revelation about how McHenry conspired with McCarthy to whip up the post-ouster chaos and orchestrate a McCarthy comeback.*  Gaetz’s account indicates there was ANYTHING BUT “staying above the fray” or trying “to keep the House together.”  

To Pee Wee and the gang, it was all about getting the derailed McCarthy money train back on the tracks.  They had been having so much fun getting their pockets stuffed with special interest cash.

How did we end up with a party that has a conservative platform, but has elected officials who are far from conservative?  That’s what happens when the state and the RNC take over candidate recruitment. You go from being repped by your friends and neighbors to being stuck with hacks picked for you by people who live nowhere near you, don’t know you, and probably don’t even like you. 

(*All Rs are better than Ds, right?  Um, RIGHT ????*)

Folks in elected office are getting really rich at our expense.  The bigger the government, the more active it is, the more opportunities there are to receive lobbyist and other special interest cash.  Conservatism is incompatible with the on-going grift in Raleigh and DC.