The Moore-Berger budget “deal” STILL sucks.


The word is out that the cartels controlling each chamber of the General Assembly have come up with a “deal.”  *Never mind that it’s been carved out behind closed doors with only a handful of folks in on the conferring. *

BIG SPENDING. The veto-proof “conservative” revolution presiding on Jones Street has apparently decided to abandon any pretense of fiscal conservatism.  They’ve gone from $22.9 billion in 2017 to $25.7 billion in 2022 to a whopping $30 billion in this current “deal.”  (The leftists on “the other side of the aisle” couldn’t have done it, um, “better.”).  I’m sure we have to account for population growth and stuff costing more.  But are we really supposed to believe there is nowhere in state government where belts can be tightened? Nowhere ???

BIG PIMPIN.’    Our “representatives” are still selling themselves to the highest bidder.  Supposedly, the sleazy casino deal has been taken out of the budget – FOR NOW.  Believe you me, it will be back at a time when so many people aren’t paying as much attention. Too much money has been passed out and passed around for this to simply “go away.”

The sleazy land grab in Guilford County – reportedly tied to the casino deal — is apparently still on.

Nominal Republican Catherine Truitt – superintendent of public instruction — has apparently persuaded the smoke-filled room boys to delay implementation of the Parents Bill of Rights until January 1, 2024. Supposedly, the current arrangement makes it too challenging to implement. The PBOR was one of those bills meant to simply codify common-freakin’- sense.  Kinda like — if you have male anatomy, you need to stay the hell out of the ladies restrooms and locker rooms. It’s common sense that parents have the final say over their kids.  The commies have done such a fine job of taking over our judiciary and public school systems that you’re forced to push laws like this.

Honestly, how much work is involved in hammering home the point that parents are the bosses?  This is a cave to the tranny cult and Catherine Truitt’s marxist co-workers and pals. Get this delay nonsense OUT of the budget. 

Legal weed has got to be still in there SOMEWHERE.  In the wake of all the fuss about casinos, that’s been conspicuously sidelined.  Find it, and get it out of the budget.

Snitches get Stitches.   Insurance commissioner Mike Causey made the, um, “mistake” of telling someone with a badge when there was an attempt to bribe him.  For that, he’s seeing some good ol’ prison yard-style retaliation.  He and his staff already got booted from their office space.

Now, an item in this budget “deal”  strips Causey of the title of state fire marshal. Never mind that the insurance commissioner has held that role since the 80s.  Never mind that the state’s fire departments have seen drastically-improved ISO ratings under his watch. There may be a big contributor hiding in the shadows behind this.  However, this is truly a case of finding a solution to a non-existent problem.  In addition to being good ol’ hard-ball politics.   The word we have is that senators Jim Perry, Dave Craven, Todd Johnson and Danny Britt are all behind this effort to stick it to Causey.  

An ‘Express Line’ at security checkpoints?  Yep.  That’s in the budget.  For $2000 per person, lobbyists can skip the lines for having their persons and bags checked at the legislature.  “Liaisons” can get the same deal for merely $1000.

I wonder who gets to pocket THAT cash?  How is the legislative building made safer with this move?

Legislators gain tighter controls on public information.  We’re talking about quite a corruption-laden crowd here.  How is this GOOD for US?

Apparently, this add to the budget allows individual lawmakers to decide whether or not their information is public.   Of course, this comes from the top.  (*Hmmmm … sounds like someone is worried about getting investigated sometime soon.*)

If you’re tired of the corruption – if you’re tired of big contributors and lobbyists getting their concerns put ahead of yours – it’s time time to act.  Give your alleged honorables an EARFUL.  Filing for the 2024 primaries starts in December.  Find a few good men or women in your communities to take on the good fight.  (Of course, let us know.  Through our readership, you just mind some really good logistical and financial help.)