#hayesscandal: GUILTY !!!



At least, THAT is what Grandpa and his attorneys will be saying in court on October 2:


Former congressman Robin Hayes will admit in court that he lied to federal agents conducting a bribery probe of a major political donor.


The federal court docket shows that Hayes is scheduled to enter a guilty plea on Oct. 2. A factual basis document prepared as part of the plea agreement and signed by Hayes’ attorney acknowledges that Hayes knew he was making false statements to FBI agents.


The actual plea agreement is sealed, and the factual basis doesn’t specify which charges he’ll plead guilty to. He was initially charged with conspiracy, bribery and making false statements.


Prosecutors have accused Hayes, who was then chairman of the state GOP, of involvement in an insurance executive’s plan to funnel campaign contributions to the state’s top insurance regulator in exchange for special treatment.


As a former drive-by, who has seen his share of federal proceedings,  allow me to pontificate and elaborate on what is happening here.  Federal prosecutors typically don’t bring someone to trial unless there is a strong belief they have said person by “the short ones.”



The primary objective is to win a plea agreement from at least ONE of the defendants in a case — so they can  testify in a manner which leads to the conviction of much bigger fish related to the case.  If Hayes backs out of cooperating with prosecutors against his co-defendants,  the heat gets put back on him in a major way.



Sentencing and its details are withheld until the cooperation is complete.  The more helpful Hayes is toward obtaining a conviction or two or three in this bribery case, the lighter his sentence will be.  If he turns out to not be very helpful, he CAN have the book (a BIG one at that)  thrown at him.



So, don’t immediately assume the old man is getting off easy here.  He IS admitting to lying to the FBI.  Imagine a bio like this: former legislator, former gubernatorial candidate, former congressman, former NCGOP chairman, and admitted liar to federal investigators. 





So, all of you purported NCGOP “leaders” need to think about something.  You threw out a duly-elected, law-abiding-as-far-as-we-know party chairman, Hasan Harnett, and “replaced” him with this geriatric Tony Soprano wannabe.  (Everybody seen the “You’re either with Robin or you’re against Robin” shakedown tape from 2012 in Tampa?)


You NCGOP “leaders” badmouthed the fundraising skills of a duly-elected chairman, Harnett, and then forcibly removed him and replaced him with two guys — Hayes and Woodhouse — who broke the party’s coffers so badly the party had to BORROW money to pay for the 2019 state convention.  



Instead of a term served out by the law-abiding-as-far-as-we-know Hasan Harnett or Jim Womack, we have: (1) a nightmarish state party treasury, (2) federal indictments, (3)  Public Official ‘A’ (still purportedly slithering around the 6th congressional district),  and (4)  a still-to-be-named person in NCGOP HQ who emailed a screenshot that purportedly aided and abetted a purported bribery scheme. 



SOMEBODY, somebody, SOMEBODY with at least an ounce of decency (in Raleigh) needs to apologize for subjecting us to  THIS.


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  1. The important thing is that the party is now led by a competent team of movement conservatives working overtime to unite the party so we can defeat the Socialist-Communist Democrats. The past is the past.

    1. If Whatley-Sink-Kouba were movement conservatives, there wouldn’t be a need to unite a Party. But they’re not, corrupt Credentialing committee personnel put the fix in to deny the Chairmanship to Jim Womack, the only “movement conservative” of the three running for Chair. Instead, we got a lobbyist. THAT…is now the face of the Party and it isn’t any prettier than that of the man in the orange inmate suit.

  2. Adam is right – don’t expect an apology. The public was warned about Robin, but they chose to ignore the warning because he had the support of so many supposedly Republican leaders.

    The people who profit from corrupt government are not about to let the public, particularly those with a sense of decency, in on their secrets. And bipartisan is not a good thing when it comes to corruption. It makes it far more difficult to expose.

    Somehow the swamp has the ability to spend millions of taxpayer dollars in ways that are of no public benefit to advance the personal interests of the swamp dwellers. How many elected officials, both major parties, have financial ties to George Soros?
    Too many for me to count and I’m pretty good with numbers.

    The public has no idea how corrupt some members of the government elite have become. The Washington circus Trump is exposing is part and parcel of a criminal enterprise that is truly international and bipartisan. The bigger government is, the easier it is for unethical individuals to divert public funds for their personal benefit. The people attacking Trump didn’t hate him until he started threatening their personal profits.

    You’ve repeatedly warned about Shumaker and Stewart and their “Republican” version of the Green New Deal, just as you’ve written to praise Dale Folwell’s attempts to find out what state workers are actually getting for their health care dollars. Unfortunately, the amount of money spent to misinform the public on those issues insures the facts you expose stay hidden from the public, buried in false facts recited by the allies of those who profit from ignorance.

    You summed it up nicely- “Do what you were elected to do, and the sharks come for you”

  3. I consider my mother to have been a wise individual. So many times while growing up I heard her say ” if you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything at all.” However, I am confident had she known Robin Hayes there would have been an exception to her reasoning.
    Up ladder and down ladder of R Hayes there are those that will forever be stained because of their like mindedness and association with him. He was instrumental, although not the kingmaker, with regards to the ousting of Harnett. I almost wish I had not been present to see that egg hatched.
    He IS the kingmaker who caused control of the NC Marine Fisheries Commission to be BOUGHT by the Coastal CONservation Association. In part, because of that ploy, came the loss of NC’s Republican Governor to a socialist democrat.

  4. This is incredibly sad for me. I have been friends with Robin Hayes since at least 1992. My family worked very hard for his campaigns when he was in Congress. In fact, when Charleton Heston came to Concord to campaign for him, he told Mr. Heston, “I want you to meet these people. These are the Pittman’s. No one works harder for me than they do.” I first met Robin when my friend, local building contractor David Drye, set aside a room in his office building for people to sign up and come spend time praying for our nation. A few times when I went, Robin was there at the same time, and we prayed together, although I didn’t know his name then. I was deeply impressed with him as a man of prayer and deep Christian convictions. When we were told at a Cabarrus GOP meeting that Robin Hayes was going to run for the State House, I said, “I’ve heard that name, but I don’t know him.” Then he stood up to speak and I said, “That’s Robin Hayes?! I will certainly vote for him!” Over the years, our friendship grew. When he told me he was going to run for Governor, I urged him to run for Congress instead. I knew he wouldn’t beat Jim Hunt. When he finally did challenge Bill Hefner for Congress, Hefner almost immediately decided not to run. So Robin could have been there two years sooner, I believe. Robin also supported me when I ran for the State House. We had a great relationship. However, the day before Hasan Harnett was ousted, Robin called me and told me what was going to happen, that he was going to become Chairman again. I tried to talk him out of it, and he was clearly displeased. It was tough for me because by then, Robin and Hasan both were my constituents and my friends. The next day, at the Executive Committee meeting, when I tried to talk with Robin about it, he was very gruff and dismissive. I had never seen him act that way to anyone before, and it was a shock. Then he got up to accept the appointment as Chairman and said, “I didn’t come here to be made Chairman,” as he pulled out a prepared speech for the occasion. That was another shock. Since he had told me the day before that this was going to happen. I had never heard Robin lie before. It was totally unexpected. I don’t know what has happened to him along the way; but this is not the Robin Hayes I have known and loved as a friend for all these years. It is really breaking my heart. I don’t suppose he considers me a friend anymore, because I did not support him in this; but I will continue to pray for him, and I ask others to do the same.

    1. Money and power can corrupt almost anyone. There are a few exceptions, but unfortunately your former friend is not one of them.

    2. politics changes most people for the worst

      I do not think I ever new that he called you the day before that meeting he started off his return to the chairmanship as a liar then just like I confronted him on after that meeting ended when he told the room that put him back in power that he had just come to that meeting to watch since he cared about the party

      The first yard signs I ever put up was when he was running for gov. He was also my congressman when I was on the 8th district committee and then my last meeting on the State Excom was with him shouting insults at me for asking a financial question on the data were were being fed. Now he is the one dealing with the Feds

  5. Robin Hayes pleading guilty will not be “Historical it will be Hysterical” and for some reason I really do think he would like that phrase

  6. So… The law breaking will continue as there appears to be minimal consequences. This is so wrong.

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