#ncga: Does Jamie Boles REALLY deserve Lowell Simon?


Moore’s Republican legislator, like our president, is  being forced to deal with loons from the other party screaming nonsense at him.



I have to admit — Jamie Boles is a nice guy, but very frustrating.  He could afford to be more conservative — and more consistent with the party platform — in Raleigh (if he wanted to).  But Jamie has made the decision to tag along on the coattails of David Lewis and Tim Moore.


In spite of that,  I don’t wish Lowell Simon on ANYBODY — especially Mr. Boles. Lowell Simon is — to put it nicely — an uninformed blithering babbler.  He took on Boles in 2018 and got his clock cleaned.  Now, he’s apparently kicking off his 2020 rematch with the 11-year veteran of the House.


Simon reportedly IDs himself as an entrepreneur and a teacher of our children.  Recently, on Facebook,  Simon attacked a gentleman named Clarence Henderson on Facebook, alleging he — Simon — knew more about the civil rights struggle and racism than Henderson did.  The problem?


Henderson, who happens to be black, was one of the participants in the historic Woolworth’s lunch counter sit-in in Greensboro.  He’s NOW a diehard Republican.  Henderson got food dumped on him and was assaulted while simply trying to have lunch.  (*And Lowell Simon knows more than Henderson does.*)


You have to empathize with liberals who show their lack of knowledge about the 1960s civil rights struggle. Most of them believe MLK did it ALL BY HIMSELF.  They don’t know what to think when guys like Henderson come on the scene.


I used to work with Dr. James Meredith, whose claim to fame was being pelted with bottles and bricks while simply trying to register as the first black student at the University of Mississippi.  He is now a devout conservative Republican.   I’ll never forget lefties like Simon mocking Meredith.  (Meredith, like Henderson, stepped off the liberal plantation.  And both are going to be made to pay for it.)


In addition to all that,  Simon has run to The Pilot to babble about House Republicans, including Boles, “disrespecting” 9-11 by overriding Roy Cooper’s veto of the budget that day.  Liberals like Simon disrespect our military’s fight against terrorism on an almost daily basis.  They’ve threatened to cut off financing to our troops in the field of battle in the Middle  East.



 Even the drive-by media has dismissed this “disrespecting 9-11” crap — pointing out that only Roy Cooper and ONE Democrat legislator were at 9-11 ceremonies that day.  Most other Democrat legislators were in the building.


The “disrespecting 9-11” spin has been discredited,  but that didn’t stop Simon from running to our money-bleeding local paper, and said money-bleeding local paper from transcribing his nonsense and disseminating it to their shrinking pool of readers.