Do what you were elected to do, and the sharks come for you



It’s a sad state of affairs that the three most likely folks to draw well-funded opponents in 2020 are treasurer Dale Folwell, insurance commissioner Mike Causey, and auditor Beth Wood.  All three have done an outstanding job of looking out for the little folks outside the beltline AND the money confiscated from them each year from inside the beltline.  And all three are guaranteed a rough 2020.



Folwell has been taking on the hospital lobby and all the grubby legislators said lobby has bought and paid for. From Folwell’s position, it’s all been in the name of transparency.  So the state can actually see what hospitals are charging the state employee health plan.  The state employees actually fell in behind Folwell.  The legislators actually fell in behind their special interest paymasters.  A primary opponent will likely be surfacing soon.



Insurance commissioner Mike Causey took on the CEO of Blue Cross / Blue Shield and made him blink.  Some weasels apparently tried to bribe him.  So, he wore a wire for the FBI, and helped get FOUR of them indicted.  Mike Causey has had US as his primary interest.  And THAT will likely earn him a special-interest-funded primary opponent in 2020.



Beth Wood is an interesting case.  The DEMOCRAT state auditor has published audits that have made Democrats AND Republicans mad.  The auditor job is not about covering up stuff.  It’s not about party politics.  It’s about getting the truth about the operations of government into the spotlight.  As far as we can tell, she’s done that and hit both parties equally hard.


Her office whacked Allen Thomas’s (D) administration of The Global TransPark just as he was rolling out his campaign for the Third Congressional District.  Now, she’s come after agricultural commissioner — and former chairman of Farmers for John  Edwards — Steve Troxler.   Her audits have raised questions about Troxler’s team’s hotel charges AND procedures for milk inspections.  


Surprise! Surprise!  She’s got an opponent.  Wood’s longtime general counsel has announced he’ll run against her in 2020 as a Republican.  (*Right about time she releases an audit criticizing a Republican.  What are the chances?*)


4 thoughts on “Do what you were elected to do, and the sharks come for you

  1. It is high time we the people learned how to file a RICO lawsuit and come to the aid of three of the best public servants I have observed in my fifty years of observation of government. The Hospital Industry/Association is stone walling our esteemed Treasurer and it is very likely the Insurance Industry is doing the same to Mike Causey.
    The Hospitals are clearly in a conspiracy and are a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization, RICO.

    The other obstacle is the British Accredited Registry, better known as the BAR (American BAR Association, ABA).
    WE the people must reestablish the Common Law Grand Jury operated by the people, not the BAR and attorneys. The BAR fraudulently decided in 1938 that the Common Law was not needed.
    See: 1992 Supreme Court decision, US vs Williams in which Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion resurrecting the Common Law which is rooted in the 5th Amendment. This is a Court operated strictly by the people and existed in our original Judiciary system for 150 years. Its authority is the highest authority and is superior to the US Supreme Court.
    There are five states with Statewide Common Law Grand Juries, composed of 25 Jurists, currently in operation.

  2. Welcome to my club. The coalition of RINO’s and Democrats who spent nearly $200,000 in a primary against me in 2016 (while I only spent about $46,000 for the whole election) will doubtless come after me again because I stand up for the rights of our citizens and our State and federal Constitutions, rather than pushing their self-serving liberal agenda. They say I am “ineffective” because I don’t push their agenda, when in actuality, along with other conservatives like Michael Speciale and Keith Kidwell, I have been effective in scuttling some pretty sorry legislation. So I am very sympathetic to Dale Folwell, Mike Causey and Beth Wood. I stood firm against HB 184 that was an effort to stop Dale Folwell from doing his job, and I say more power to him. God bless him for his efforts. Mike Causey, I believe, is an honest public servant, who ought to be commended for his part in foiling the scheme for which Robin Hayes is in so much trouble now. As for Beth Wood, she reports to the Appropriations General Government Committee, of which I have been a member for several years now. I am always very impressed with her integrity and thoroughness. She doesn’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat. If she audits you, you had better have your stuff right. I don’t care if she is a Democrat. When someone does the job with her kind of integrity and efficiency, there is no need to replace that person. She is the only Democrat who gets my vote, and as far as I’m concerned, she can keep that job as long as she wants it, as I have told her. Until the corrupt politicians and those who fund them are exposed and declawed, we will never fully have the kind of honest government we need.

  3. Speaking of doing what an elected official is elected to do, have either of our two US Senators spoken out strongly against the latest deep state coup attempt in the form of the phony “whistleblower” complaint?? It is evident on its face that this is nothing, and yet, like with the Russia hoax, so many Republicans in office have headed for the sidelines. The CIA secretly and suddenly changed the form which required first hand knowledge before a complaint could be made and someone given whistleblower protection!! Is that not on its face proof that this whole thing is nothing but another phony attempt to bring down this president? Why cant our US Senators speak out and hit back??

  4. Sounds like two the three mentioned are solid. As for Causey not so much.
    Ask any decent defense attorney, who wears a wire for the Feds who is not trying to save himself. Scuttlebutt is that once his testimony is used to convict the main ones, he and maybe a couple more may have their own indictments UNSEALED. Maybe not.

    Two other things. If not for a few legacy employees at the Dept of Insurance, things would be disastrous. Causey brought in a team of cronies who had no working knowledge of insurance. Couple that with the ones who were mediocre and you have a 400 plus gang of state employees who are inadequate and the whole dept is rudderless and mostly clueless.

    This final thought might seem callous but here goes. When I heard about Causey suggesting the BCBS CEO should resign, I immediately thought…what business is that of Causey’s. He just happens to be a CEO of an insurance company. Yes, it looks bad for the guy, and he obviously didn’t make it much better during his arrest and the circumstances. BUT…he is innocent until proven guilty, is he not? You don’t see Steve Troxler meddling in farmers’ misdemeanors etc. You don’t see other elected counsels of state inserting themselves in private lives of company heads. Smells like Causey was grandstanding. Maybe he is trying to add to his hero image. I don’t know but he should handle insurance IF HE CAN, and butt out of situations that are not really under his purview.

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