#ncga: Steve Tyson reportedly eyeing Speciale seat


The smoke is just starting to clear from conservative icon Mike Speciale’s bombshell announcement of his departure from Jones  Street (and his Craven County-based House seat).


My moles in that neck of the woods report that local businessman and political figure Steve Tyson is giving the soon-to-be-vacant House seat a real once-over.  (Sources tell me that Tyson is well-known for partnering on some land deals with former Walter Jones opponent AND nationally-renowned Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey.)



It’s early.  As far as I know,  Speciale plans to finish out his current term.  So, there would be an actual election — instead of an appointment of a replacement by party insiders.  There may be more names that surface in the battle to try and fill Speciale’s big shoes in Raleigh.

4 thoughts on “#ncga: Steve Tyson reportedly eyeing Speciale seat

  1. I’m terribly sad that Michael is leaving, but very GLAD that we’ll have a better choice for his replacement. Jim Kohr, who is a fine, truly conservative gentleman, Havelock commissioner, and pastor of Freedom Baptist Church (Michael and Hazel Speciale are members) will be running for Michael’s seat next term, and he is truly a worthy successor to Michael.

  2. Jim Kohr, pastor of Freedom Baptist Church may be best to run. NO NO to Steve Tyson with his past!

  3. Non political if possible but Steve Tyson, a then sitting Craven County Commissioner and Radio Host was one of the spark plugs in our Florence Recovery effort along with our newly elected in November Sheriff Chip Hughes. These guys were everywhere during and for months afterward helping rebuild New Bern and Craven County. Yes, I am an unabashed fan for what he gave this District. Steve was also a great supporter of our new Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy.

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