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#ncga: Steve Tyson reportedly eyeing Speciale seat

  The smoke is just starting to clear from conservative icon Mike Speciale’s bombshell announcement of his departure from Jones  Street (and his Craven County-based House seat).   My moles in that neck of the woods report that local businessman and political figure Steve Tyson…

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#ncga: Speciale NOT running for reelection in 2020

    Wow.  The number of bona fide conservatives is rapidly dwindling away in the North Carolina House.  Some have retired — as the result of frustration over a gerrymandered district, or to take on a bigger, better opportunity, or out of frustration with the…

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#ncga: A primary for Speciale. (*Sur-prise. Sur-prise. Sur-prise.*)

It’s regularly done for his House compatriot Larry Pittman.  Now, one has magically come out of the woodwork for conservative stalwart Mike Speciale of New Bern: A Republican primary shaping up for 2018 would pit two retired Marines from New Bern against each other –…

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#ncga: N&O’s Speck (Specht? Spock?) foolishly takes on Speciale

The N&O’s latest weenie-in-residence, following in the footsteps of John Frank and Colon Campbell, is punching well above his weight (and his testosterone level, sources say).   Andy “Call Me Paul” Specht (Speck?) is carrying on the tradition of transcribing info received from leftist opposition research…

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#ncga: Speciale makes drivebys CRY, shows his fellow GOPers how it’s DONE.

Tim Moore, David Lewis and Nelson Dollar like to ridicule him, shove him in a corner, and deny him committee posts.  While THOSE GUYS wax on about spending more money, reaching across the aisle, and attempt to make nice with the Raleigh drivebys, State Rep….