#ncga: Speciale makes drivebys CRY, shows his fellow GOPers how it’s DONE.

Tim Moore, David Lewis and Nelson Dollar like to ridicule him, shove him in a corner, and deny him committee posts.  While THOSE GUYS wax on about spending more money, reaching across the aisle, and attempt to make nice with the Raleigh drivebys, State Rep. Mike Speciale (R-Craven) is showing NCGOPers how to handle the stepped-up offensive by the driveby media and the Democrats. Here, he has The N&O covering his efforts to MOCK The N&O.  (Pure genius):

A North Carolina Republican has doubled down on his comments criticizing the Jan. 21 Women’s March protests, and said the organizers were playing a “cruel joke” on the marchers.

Rep. Michael Speciale, of New Bern, posted on Facebook over the weekend calling the marches “a joke” and sharing a video produced by conservative TV personality Steven Crowder, who dressed in drag to “infiltrate” a Women’s March in Texas.

On Monday Speciale took to Facebook again Monday to reiterate his feelings about the march and criticized The News & Observer for reporting on his social media post.

“The march WAS A JOKE. Hey, offended snowflakes, the march was not about women or women’s rights, it was about pushing a liberal agenda,” Speciale said in the Facebook post. “Pro-life women not allowed! There were, however, women dressed as vaginas, and little girls holding signs with the “F” word and more.”

He wrote that there were topless women at the marches, and said that some didn’t even know what they were marching about. He also suggested that the N&O was making news out of nothing.

“They are actually focused on writing stories about facebook posts,” he said. “What happened to journalism? It has truly rock bottomed with papers like this and writers like the writer of these articles.”

Speciale did not respond to media requests for comment.[…] 

Why would he?  He said his piece here.  (And why give these guys one more chance to lie about him?)  Oh, and very few – if any – of his constituents read this rag.  (Jus’ sayin.’)  

Pointing out how outrageous and outside-the-mainstream these “protesters” are is helpful to the GOP in the long-run.  What average person puts any credibility in people who march around in vagina hats and give signs bearing curse words to little girls?   RIOTING is not “protesting.”  Setting cars afire and vandalizing public property is not civilized behavior.  Terrorizing people because of their voting choices is not acceptable.  

Provide the details the drivebys won’t and shame the media for not telling the truth about these fruitcakes.  

8 thoughts on “#ncga: Speciale makes drivebys CRY, shows his fellow GOPers how it’s DONE.

  1. A good example of how the dishonest Democrat media is in bed with these lefties is that the North Carolina News Network (NCN), a radio news outfit owned not too long ago by leftie Jim Goodman’s Capital Broadcasting, actually gave the website on the air that people could go to if they wanted to participate in these marches. How is advertising for a leftwing protest march ”news”?

    NCN is full of fake news. I cannot see how some stations that carry conservative talk radio also carry the far left NCN as their news feed. WTIB is an example that does that. There has to be more honest and objective news sources out there.

    Rep. Speciale is a breath of fresh air. We need more like him and fewer like Saine, Dollar, Szoka, Moore, Hastings, etc.

  2. Rep. Speciale is handling this right if you think your values are right FIGHT for them do not apologize for them because this is a war values and the future of America

    1. Michael is the real deal and those of us in his District in Eastern North Carolina are proud of him and his wife Hazel for maintaining their conservative and constitutional values in Raleigh and their continual thoughtful and intelligent interface with their constituants back home. The State of NC is lucky to have him in Raleigh.

  3. Funny stuff…you troll the N&O and you get prime coverage. More should follow his example…especially the not apologize or acknowledge the fake news outlet part.

  4. Mike Speciale is the likely conservative frontrunner to replace Walter Jones when he retires. Mike has been a great legislator in Raleigh and will be great in DC.

    It looks like the top establishment candidate is Brian Brown, who pushed lots of liberal stuff from Michelle Obama’s ”food deserts” to drivers licenses for illegal aliens, as a legislator and now is on the staff of establishment liberal Thom Tillis.

  5. The man is a retired Marine. The media had never learned that you don’t mess with the best because the best don’t mess. Until now.

    Browny Douglas

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