Boy, the fake news B.S. filter is getting a workout ALREADY …

Judging by how these first couple of weeks have gone, my filter is going to get quite a workout.  Don’t you wish Democrats and the drivebys could be this vicious and cut-throat toward the actual enemies of our country?  Don’t you wish Republicans would fight Democrats with even half of this tenacity? 

First, there is the contrived hullaballoo over Steve Bannon being installed on the National Security Council.  (Obama did the same thing with his political guru David Axelrod, and there was nary a peep of protest.)  But we don’t hear much about Bannon’s credentials that would seem to make him qualified for the NSC position.  Here we are from a Bloomberg article prior to his joining the Trump campaign: 

[…] Born into a working-class family within sight of the naval base in Norfolk, Va., he signed up straight out of college, and spent four years at sea aboard a destroyer, first as an auxiliary engineer in the Pacific, then as a navigator in the north Arabian Sea during the Iranian hostage crisis. By the time he arrived in the Persian Gulf in 1979, the U.S. was preparing its ill-fated assault on Tehran, and Bannon’s faith in his commander in chief had dimmed: “You could tell it was going to be a goat f—.” His battle group rotated out just before Carter’s Desert One debacle.

Bannon became a special assistant to the chief of Naval operations at the Pentagon, earning a master’s degree in national security studies at Georgetown University at night. […]

Active duty military experience.  Experience at the highest levels of the Navy’s chain of command.  Sounds like he’s been there, done that.  It’s a wee bit more than installing some political hack in an important slot, don’t you think? 

(Anyone who has spent any time around official Washington can tell you that there are a lot of people running around the higher echelons of the “national security” community whose experience is limited to graduate seminars at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Georgetown.) 

And then there is the crying over the firing of the acting attorney general.  The Democrats are delaying the confirmation of Trump’s pick, Jeff Sessions, so we were stuck with an Obama holdover.  At the federal level, unlike in our state government, the attorney general is appointed by the president. The president is his or her boss.  This woman’s boss issued an order.  She made a big stink to the driveby media about how she wasn’t going to follow orders, do her job, and defend and enforce the order.  So, she was gone.

In the real world, you get fired for not doing your job.  In North Carolina, you get promoted to governor. 

This case is being dishonestly compared to the “Saturday Night Massacre” of the Watergate era.  The “massacre” involved people resigning for refusing to fire a special prosecutor investigating a sitting president.  This case involves the president firing an “acting” official for insubordination and refusing to do her job.  BIG DIFFERENCE. 

I am old enough to remember what the drivebys did to Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms.  I thought that was pretty out-of-hand.  But the onset of the Trump era is revealing an even more vicious side to the political left and their driveby media sycophants than we ever could have imagined.

Buckle up, folks.