#ncga: Speciale NOT running for reelection in 2020



Wow.  The number of bona fide conservatives is rapidly dwindling away in the North Carolina House.  Some have retired — as the result of frustration over a gerrymandered district, or to take on a bigger, better opportunity, or out of frustration with the general direction of the House Republican caucus.


Craven County’s Mike Speciale (R) made his intention  to not run in 2020 known this week.  The former Camp Lejeune marine is likely acting on a pledge about term limits he made earlier in his political career.  Speciale’s district is quite RED, so his replacement will likely be Republican.


Speciale ran in the 2019 special primary to replace the late Walter Jones in Congress.  (He finished fourth out of the GOP’s seventeen total candidates.)


Speciale is still relatively young, so there is plenty of time for the pursuit of other political opportunities. (IF he so desires.)



4 thoughts on “#ncga: Speciale NOT running for reelection in 2020

  1. A damn good man and soldier. He might be leaving his post but I feel sure he is not leaving the battlefield.

  2. Speciale was one of our few GREAT State Reps.
    So sorry to see him leave but just another of his principles and follow up on campaign promises.
    Ron Margiotta

  3. Michael and Hazel Speciale have been shining lights in Raleigh, steadfast in upholding and even teaching others conservative values. A diligent search is on for a hard-working conservative replacement with the “right stuff” that Michael has. Please remember, the job of party leadership is to recruit the very best candidates, to vet them, to work to get them elected and then to hold their feet to the fire to keep their promises/pledges and SERVE. CD3 is fortunate to have a number of winners in Raleigh; Craven County will do all it can to preserve or even enhance that record. Thanks for your service Mr Fourth of July!

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