Duke U. kicks Christian group off campus


Just when you thought no one could sink lower than that freak show in  Chapel Hill, someone DOES.


Apparently, to the leftist mob — and the SJWs-in-training on America’s campuses — it ALL boils down to the radical LGBTQIA political agenda.  DO what the LGBTQIA-XYZ mafia wants, and you live.(Case in point —  Laura Leslie’s continued employment at WRAL.)  Dare to question their agenda, and you are to be destroyed.



Young Life,  a nationally-renowned Christian youth organization,  has recruited on middle school and high school campuses for years.  Now, they’re trying to move up to the college level.  And they’ve run into trouble at Duke:


Duke University’s student government has denied the Christian organization Young Life official status as a student group on campus, citing its policy on sexuality.


The decision by the Duke Student Government Senate on Wednesday comes amid ongoing clashes nationwide between religious student groups and colleges and universities that have added more robust nondiscrimination policies.


Young Life, like many evangelical groups, regards same-sex relations as sinful. Its policy forbids non-celibate LGBTQ staff and volunteers from holding positions in the organization.


The student newspaper the Duke Chronicle reported Thursday that the student government senate unanimously turned down official recognition for the Young Life chapter, because it appeared to violate a guideline that every Duke student group include a nondiscrimination statement in its constitution.


Young Life, which is based in Colorado Springs, is a 78-year-old organization with a mission to introduce adolescents to Christianity and help them grow in their faith. It has chapters in middle schools, high schools, and colleges in all 50 states and more than 90 countries around the world.


But the student government objected to a clause in Young Life’s sexuality policy. After the student government was told the organization would not change its sexuality policy, it rejected the group.


The Young Life policy states: “We do not in any way wish to exclude persons who engage in sexual misconduct or who practice a homosexual lifestyle from being recipients of ministry of God’s grace and mercy as expressed in Jesus Christ. We do, however, believe that such persons are not to serve as staff or volunteers in the mission and work of Young Life.”[…]



So, gays are not banned from joining.  They are prohibited from holding positions of power in the organization.  That’s all.




[…] Over the past two decades, many colleges and universities have attempted to exclude religious groups because of their positions on sexuality, among them InterVarsity and Business Leaders in Christ.


Greg Jao, senior assistant to the president at InterVarsity, said about 70 colleges and universities have attempted to exclude InterVarsity chapters over the years—in some cases because it bars non-celibate LGBTQ employees, in others because its faith statement more generally violates school nondiscrimination policies.


In most cases, the issues are resolved, but others have ended up in court. InterVarsity is now suing the University of Iowa and Wayne State University.


“Most of the time universities back down because it’s a violation of students’ First Amendment rights,” said Eric Baxter, vice president and senior counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a law firm that defends religious freedom cases.


Duke, however, may be in a different category as a private institution. Private universities don’t have the same obligations under the First Amendment’s free exercise clause that a government entity does.[…]



I count at least FOUR  duly-recognized by the university Muslim groups.  I can’t imagine an “out” homosexual would be allowed to participate in a mosque or prayer group. Or even enter a mosque or approach a prayer group.   You’ve all seen, or heard of,  the videos of Muslim activists throwing gays from the roof-tops of multi-story buildings — to the delight of a cheering crowd below.   Yeah,  I bet there’s a lot of love for the LGBTQIA-XYZ crowd there.  But they’re duly, officially recognized.



There are countless “black,”  “asian” and “women’s” groups that are duly recognized by Duke.  They place a discriminatory category right smack in the name of their group, and the lefties have no problem ,



6 thoughts on “Duke U. kicks Christian group off campus

  1. It is not enough anymore to tolerate a life style. Now – You must embrace it.

    It is not enough to say, “We disagree, but I fully acknowledge your right to conduct your life the way you choose”.

    NOW we must say, “I love what you are doing and in fact your values are MY values as well”.

    How does this happen? We’ve become a nation of cowards; afraid to stand up to the bullies who have no problem yelling (Or beating a drum) in our face.

    1. Even more tragic. The most recent submission for the likely split has the BLT’s trying to orchestrate a hostile takeover of the church. Each church has to vote by a 2/3 majority if they want to leave, otherwise they are stuck being in the church that does not follow the bible. Needless to say if that is what goes through I will be finding another denomination. I assume many others will leave as well.

  2. I can’t believe that any Methodist church would have a majority of its members supporting the gay mafia. I think it’s the clergy that is corrupt, not the lay people in the pews. That’s just my thinking.

  3. Didn’t care for your referring to the Freak show in Chapel Hill which is no worse the Duke and other Universities. It is shameful that we are allowing First Amendment rights be trampled on so. It seems that everyone but Christians are given a sayso in this Country. I am in agreement that if the Methodist Church continues on the path they are taking they are going to lose a lot of members. We are attempting to change the Bible to our lifestyle rather than our lifestyle to follow the Bible. The first thing we need to do is get all these LIBERAL professors out of our colleges and universities.

  4. It’s sad that I have not seen or heard a single Methodist pastor or Methodist lay leader speak against the forced removal of the Christian student group from the Duke campus. That Methodists would place gay sex above the mission of Christ speaks wonders. The Methodist Church is for all intents and purposes already dead and totally apostate. This is proof.

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