Have Fox News and Todd Starnes parted ways?



THAT is the word I am getting from well-placed fans of this site from up north.


Starnes and Sean Hannity are two of the  network’s most popular personalities with conservative viewers. Both have a radio AND TV presence.  We’ve been hearing stories about how the Murdoch boys were wanting to moderate Fox’s tone to appeal to more centrist and left-of-center viewers. Sending Starnes packing would do that.


We’ve noticed that Starnes’s more recent radio shows have been replays.  He typically gets guest-hosts when he goes on vacation.


 Hit pieces like this  have provided plenty of ammo to Starnes foes.


Starnes just recently published a book.  His book-signing tour is slated to bring him through North Carolina in about two weeks.

4 thoughts on “Have Fox News and Todd Starnes parted ways?

  1. The Atlantic, is a Left wing news/propaganda site. Anything they say should be seriously questioned. FAKE FOX NEWS has slid backwards into Left leaning ideology. With individuals like Donna Brazile, and Paul Ryan coming onboard, along with having Napolitano, Shepard Smith, and Juan Williams, FAKE FOX NEWS has soiled their standing with Conservatism. I find it impossible to watch day time FOX because of their bias against President Trump. The only thing that is keeping FOX afloat is night time, with Tucker, Sean, Laura, Lou, and Judge Jeanine. If they go, FAKE FOX NEWS will go down like a lead balloon in ratings, probably lower than CNN, and MSNBC because America does not like a traitor. Todd Starnes will better himself by leaving the FAKE FOX NEWS slowly sinking ship. Megyn Kelly would be a super star on FFN if she would have toughed it out, but she did not, and now you can not find her with a search warrant.

  2. Fox News turned “left” a long time ago but when they added donna brazille to their staff was the last straw for me. I had been a faithful follower of Fox for years and hated to go, but enough was too much. OANN is the best for me now with honest Christain views without all the circus acts. The ones you mention aka; Tucker, Sean, Laura, and Judge Jeanine I try on occasion to catch but find it hard to pull away from Graham Ledger and Liz Wheeler.

    1. Clint, my husband, Hal, and I did the same thing (cut the cable, ditched Fox News, dusted off the ROKU, and subscribed to One America News network), and I’m so glad we did. It’s like someone quit hitting me in the head. PLUS, since we no longer pay for cable TV, the lousy stations perpetuating “FAKE NEWS” don’t get ANY of our money! Talk about a WIN/WIN !!!

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