Brother, can ya spare, oh —– $50,000 ?????


There are a few pretty interesting entries on the North Carolina Republican Party’s FEC financial disclosure report.  Look under the category of loans:



You have Dallas Woodhouse and FIVE Cabarrus County residents “loaning” the NCGOP a combined total of  $50,000 on the second day of the 2019 state Republican convention in Concord.  (I never knew Dallas had the “bank” to loan someone $25,000.)


Sources say  the Embassy Suites Concord was seriously threatening to deny the party the use of its facilities for its convention — because it had reportedly not paid the previously agreed upon amount to reserve them.   Sources say the five Cabarrus residents are known friends of former party chairman Robin Hayes.  Woodhouse served as executive director of the party while Hayes was chairman.

What’s the plan for paying this money back?  Was the party in such poor shape it needed to borrow money in order to put on a convention?


9 thoughts on “Brother, can ya spare, oh —– $50,000 ?????

  1. Dallas is curiously silent here. He usually chimes in when something is written here about him. Must be some shenanigans going on that he wants to ignore.

  2. I just saw this. We did have. A dispute with the
    Hotel and we worked it out. It was simply a matter
    Of how much had to be pre-paid . However it was
    an error on our part, that I was ultimately responsible for

  3. Federal. Filed on 8/20 covering 7/1-7/31. Repayments shown on pages 61(brown/crutchfield), 63(de Souza), 68(Horton), 72(moffitt)

    Both my loan and repayment were both on the same report that was submitted 7/18 covering 6/1-6/30. Loan shown on pages 53 and repayment of loan is shown on page 86

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