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Cooper torpedoes RNC in Charlotte. Will he do same to NCGOP in Greenville?

      Charlotte has gone from getting the whole multi-million dollar ball-of-wax to possibly a handful of minor “business meetings.”  The state Republican Party’s convention is slated for July in Greenville.  Right now,  the Cooper administration has quarantine rules in place that would make…

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NCGOP state convention pushed to July

      So sayeth the party’s big boss in Raleigh:  

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Brother, can ya spare, oh —– $50,000 ?????

  There are a few pretty interesting entries on the North Carolina Republican Party’s FEC financial disclosure report.  Look under the category of loans:     You have Dallas Woodhouse and FIVE Cabarrus County residents “loaning” the NCGOP a combined total of  $50,000 on the…

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The Stupid Party sees its shadow. (TWO more years of Big Dummy and his grandson.)

Columnist George Will once labeled the GOP Establishment “the Stupid Party” for its penchant for blowing tremendous opportunities.   By a count of 568-445, last year’s coup has been “legitimized.”   Of course, it took (1) weighted votes from elected officials, (2) hinky rules like…

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#ncgop district conventions roundup: Dallas, YOU have a problem.

It was not a good day to be Dallas (or his grandpa).   In the First Congressional District, Thomas Hill — who, in 2013, guided his county party to endorse Greg Brannon over Thom Tillis in the 2014 US Senate primary — got elected district…

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#ncgop-con: Mark Brody. Miriam Chu. The Exorcist Girl. (And, DUDE, where’s my agenda???)

The fun and games have begun in Greensboro.  Let’s discuss … THE RNC VOTE.   The two names you need to remember are Mark Brody and Miriam Chu.  If you’ve been disgusted by the sucking up to the GOPe by the current duo of Lewis &…

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#ncgop: All in the (dysfunctional) family

This weekend’s NCGOP convention is shaping up to make the WWE (or any episode of Maury) look like a Wednesday night prayer meeting in comparison. NC $pin:  Remember the big fuss about the fees being charged delegates attending the affair?  It played a huge part…

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Is the NCGOP convention in violation of the 24th amendment to the US Constitution?

It’s an interesting question being asked by more than one of our loyal readers. As you may know, the current hubbub over the state party chairman focuses, partly, on a disagreement about a $90 fee being charged for attending the part of the convention where…

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Even MORE ncgop convention Monkey Business?

Email is a wonderful thing.  Especially in the world of politics, where lies and double-talk are, unfortunately, the norm instead of the exception. Anyway, I digress.  The state GOP’s resolutions committee was hard at work last night trying to meet a deadline for the upcoming…

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Monkey Business Report: NCGOP convention edition

Jim Womack is at it again.  He’s asked some tough questions of the plotters seeking to oust party chairman Hasan Harnett. Now, the Lee County Republican — an Army veteran, former county commissioner, and current NCGOP executive committee and resolutions committtee member — senses there…