Cooper torpedoes RNC in Charlotte. Will he do same to NCGOP in Greenville?




Charlotte has gone from getting the whole multi-million dollar ball-of-wax to possibly a handful of minor “business meetings.”  The state Republican Party’s convention is slated for July in Greenville.  Right now,  the Cooper administration has quarantine rules in place that would make it nearly impossible to have a full-blown in-person convention.


State party leaders. are hoping Governor Roy Cooper will move the state to “Phase 3” at the end of June / first of July and allow a mostly-in-person, some-remote convention. The  Phase 3 deadline is already cutting things very close for the party.  Their convention is currently slated for July 9-12.  


NCGOP leaders believe — if the need arises — they are prepared to move forward with a digital, remote-access convention.  This scenario would employ a system very similar to what many recent district conventions used.


Again,  as with Charlotte, hardline limits on public gatherings are threatening to level an economic hit on a North Carolina city.  Greenville’s business community stands to miss out on millions in accommodations, restaurant, entertainment, and retail revenue a full-blown in-person convention would bring.



9 thoughts on “Cooper torpedoes RNC in Charlotte. Will he do same to NCGOP in Greenville?

  1. Someone light a fire under our nominee, who has been too busy virtue signaling by giving away hundreds of thousands in campaign dough he could be using inciting people to take action against this Communist Dictator.

  2. ??? I’m afraid that Forest just doesn’t have the fire in the belly for this job.
    Maybe Sue made it too easy for him?

  3. What they really need to do is defy Doofus’ orders and go ahead however they like. I would bet the county that Greenville is in would be a safe place from any of Coop’s goons…or they could find an appropriate county that is willing to not harass the convention. If my recent vacation down East has shown me, most people are over the panic and hysteria and just doing whatever they want. Many restaurants were serving well over the 25% capacity and most people were not bothering with the silly directives that Doofus had put out. It was very refreshing.

  4. Dan Forest really dropped the ball when the rioting broke out in Raleigh. He mysteriously morphed into a Pat McCrory. As such, he has no chance of winning. Forest is no better than his RINO cohorts on the UNC Board of Governors who also capitulated to the Antifa and BLM criminal gangs. This is why NC Republican politicians are in hiding and not speaking out against the violence–they have nothing to stand on. They surrendered. They have failed us. They are the problem just as much as Cooper.

  5. The state chairman of the NCGOP has been asleep at the switch on this issue. Lt. Governor Forest pointed out that these executive orders like this require the approval of the Council of State which has a GOP majority, but got no support from the state party. The state chairman should have been all over this from the beginning that Cooper is issuing royal decrees without the necessary approval of the Council of State. We have a totally ineffective state GOP chairman. Our chairman allowed Cooper to grab power and that power has now been used against the OP. Past state chairman have not been shy about blasting Democrat leaders. One remembers Dave Flahrety, Jack Hawke, and Frank Rouse blasted Democrats at press conferences. Our present chairman has left our party, our president, and our candidate for governor twisting in the breeze.

    1. COMPLETE silence from GOP, similar to DC. Are they ANY Conservatives left? DOES ANYONE have a pulse in the GOP?
      HOW MANY NC biz owners and national biz owners are/were looking to leadership from GOP???

      And Trump thinking he can walk to the church, hold a Bible and take a photo is any better, best think again. Read Jared and Meadows up on Capitol Hill yesterday; think that’s going to end well???

      I do think many of the silent majority are watching and seeing the ‘silent’ GOP and come November, there could be a bad omen.
      Agree, Forrest has done little to nothing……Cooper was so vulnerable with this COVID mgt with his sidekick Cohen playing politics but there was no counterpunches thrown. WHY Forrest did not get behind reopen NC or lead his OWN REOPEN campaign is beyond me? He could have CRUSHED Cooper who has played politics at every level, However, have you heard a peep out of NC GOP or US GOP on the RNC being withheld from Charlotte???? ANY???

      I think the NC GOP is dead. Cooper will win in Nov. Can only hope to flip Council of State seats but that is becoming more difficult to do with Dems being quite good with their playbooks and NC GOP allowing their candidates to go unfunded.

  6. Back to the main point of this article now….will Cooper let the NCGOP have the convention in Greenville? Believe it or not, I say yes, because it is a lot easier to socially distance a state convention then a national convention.

    Usually around 1,000 people attend a state convention, last year was 1,300 but it was a chairman’s election, other year’s have had only 700-800 people. This year I bet the number will be less 500. The NCGOP is also offering delegates the chance to attend the convention virtually in their own.

    The Greenville Convention Center is a LARGE facility, bigger than Concord ( that place is a joke!),

    The name of the game will be “social distancing”, using multiple rooms of the convention center to spread people out.

  7. As Boyd said above, Dan Forrest has mysteriously morphed into a Pat McCrory clone. He is as fearful of Antifa and BLM as McCrory was of the windbag Rev. Barber. Maybe Forrest should be running for a seat on the UNC Board of Governors instead. And the State GOP has become virtually worthless. Why isn’t the chairman on the attack against rioters and looters? Why isn’t he defending our monuments? What is any so-called party leader doing for that matter?

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