Under siege: The NCGOP HQ




The riotous rabble found their way – with the help of GPS –  to state GOP HQ yesterday.  Here’s the Facebook notice:




Paper airplanes, eh? Let’s take a look at the two sponsors of the event:  Conrad James I and “Living Ultraviolet.”   James’s Facebook profile identifies him as a professional political consultant / community organizer.  His LinkedIn profile shows him to be a former “campaign director” for GreenPeace and for NORML (which advocates for the legalization of marijuana).




Here’s a 2017 report where James indicated he may have been co-opted by Russian operatives to stir up racial strife in the streets of North Carolina.


Living Ultraviolet IDs itself as a “millennial think-tank” based at NC State University.  Curiously, it also IDs itself as supportive of the ultraviolent Black Panther Party.



Hmmm.  *And the drive-bys are trying sooooooo hard to convince us these people in the streets are harmless, peaceful amateurs who are primarily just upset about George Floyd. *


Here’s a pretty crazy video shot by the marchers during their Tuesday trek through Raleigh.


Sources at NCGOP HQ tell us that — despite the sizable crowd — there was no damage to party property.



10 thoughts on “Under siege: The NCGOP HQ

  1. Not sure why the Antifa mob would even waste its time at the NC GOP Headquarters. Considering that it was the NC Republican hierarchy that surrendered to Antifa at UNC two years ago and has remained virtually silent during the latest Antifa rage, why would the criminal mob even bother GOP Headquarters? Maybe they just wanted to express their appreciation to the spineless Republicans.

  2. If they will joust with Antifa in the streets of Raleigh, I will re-register as a Republican.

  3. Why are they going there. Don’t the demorats control 2/3 of the government in NC? And what will the political headquarters be able to do ayway…there are no votes or policy decisions being made there.

  4. The Antifa criminal mob is no doubt just mocking the Republican Party. After the UNC Board of Governors (all Republicans) totally surrendered to them at UNC and handed them a great victory, they are now back with a vengeance. And judging by the anemic response of Dan Forest and NC GOP legislators to the rioting, Antifa will be laughing at Republicans for a long time to come.

  5. How amusing, Liberals protesting Republicans for an event that happened in A Democratic controlled city an Democratic Controlled state. Certainly the epitome of Liberal Lack of Personal Responsibility.

  6. As a NCGOP activist, I have never been a fan of the location of the Headquarters. Too little parking and too much traffic (especially when NC State is open) and now crime! I say move the headquarters to a safer area such as North Raleigh, get a place near I-540.

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