The NCGOP exodus begins, and the improper voting affidavits flow in

I’ve seen a handful of resignations from longtime local-level party activists in the wake of Saturday’s travesty in Greensboro. I’m told there are dozens and dozens of more to follow.

I’ve always been a fan of dissenting from within.  But I can understand the frustration: Why keep devoting your time, talent, and hard-earned money to an organization dominated by people who sneer at you and dismiss you as “fringe” for simply adhering to the organization’s rules and governing documents?  

Leaving, I believe, is exactly what these low-lifes want you to do.  They care only about things that fatten their wallets and benefit them and their friends. They want to be answering the phone when Raleigh or DC come calling. *Your passions, your for-the-common good tripe doesn’t even make it onto their radar.*  

Anyway, here’s a good example of a party worker bee for whom Saturday was the last straw:

To the Buncombe GOP leadership:
I resign as Precinct 32.1 chair.
The final straw manifested itself in the debacle I witnessed at the NCGOP convention. While I appreciated debating the rules and resolutions, I was VERY disappointed in the election process for chairmanship.As such, I have no confidence in the NCGOP leadership. Leaders take responsibility and I have heard nothing from the leadership to own the chaos. Transparency and ownership were and are severely lacking.
I make my decision not on this alone. Mr. Kane eloquently described a significant problem—our party no longer represents its brand. We put forth candidates who say the “right” things, but compromise after elected. They are not transparent and equivocate to justify their actions. Thus, I cannot confidently support candidates the GOP advocates. Nor do I trust the GOP to wisely invest the resources I contribute to support various races.Thus, I will no longer contribute time or funds to the GOP. Instead, I will invest in candidates and causes that match my beliefs and values.
I am a conservative. Thus, I view the government’s role as one to protect and defend the constitution; to protect individual rights and provide security to our citizens. The myriad of programs established to “help” people belong to non-government entities. Unfortunately, Republican efforts to quell the spending and reel in government oversight/control is non-existent. In fact, Republicans have become just as egregious as Democrats in superfluous spending. On top of that, the GOP incumbents demonstrate they value re-election and PAC interests much more than their constituents. As such, my voting strategy will remain vote out the incumbent until I witness an individual take the “high ground” regardless of what it may cost.
In the past, I have avoided endorsing specific candidates because of my role as Precinct Chair. In addition, I’ve provided my precinct members an objective voting guide, highlighting the candidates’ positions on the issues. I’ve also relied on the GOP to invest in electable candidates. In the future, I plan to provide the voting guide with recommendations and only contribute directly to campaigns that agree with my values. These may be contrary to the GOP, but the party has demonstrated they are either incongruous with me or incompetent.
I know my decisions noted above, nor this letter will impact the GOP in the near future. However, I look forward to a day when there is a reawakening within the party. At such time, I will come running back to support its efforts. In the meantime, I pray those in the GOP with conviction to get “back to basics” well in their efforts. May they not tire and be encouraged with the small victories.
Warm regards,
Ken Orban
Some of you in Raleigh and DC may laugh at this man.  You may think you’re just fine with Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker and all your “dark” money.  Whether you know it or not, you need all of these little people – these true believers – outside the DC beltway and Raleigh belt line.