Even MORE Robinson Family Matters

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has made it clear that he and his wife, Yolanda Hill, are a package deal. She has an advanced degree in accounting and is the CFO of what Robinson has described as “the family business.”   Robinson has said, in at least one published interview, that Hill handles ALL the family finances.

THAT family business, according to Robinson’s Statement of Economic Interest, is a Greensboro-based government contractor called Balanced Nutrition. Its tax filings indicate that it acts as a middleman between the state Department of Health and Human Services and various day care centers.

We’ve written previously about the findings in Balanced Nutrition’s financial documents prior to and including 2020.  Well, we’ve obtained filings for 2021, and those are provoking even more questions.

Form 990 is a standard IRS filing for tax-exempt non-profits (which is what Balanced Nutrition presents itself as). For each filing, the preparer of the non-profit’s filings attests to their accuracy and that they have been reviewed and approved by the non-profit’s board of directors. Hill appears to have prepared each year’s filing for the business.

On Form 990 for 2021, here is one interesting statement:

Total revenue for Balanced Nutrition is shown to be $1,345,356 for both 2020 and 2021.  The problem? Here is what Hill gave the IRS for 2020:

On the 2020 filing, the Robinsons’ revenue for 2020 was listed as $1,207,426.  On the 2021 filing, total revenue  for 2020 was listed as $1,345,356.  One of those entries HAS to be wrong.  Remember, these filings have been sitting with the IRS for two to three years now. 

Let’s move on to page 7 of Balanced Nutrition’s 990 filing for 2021.  Here is the listing of employees and officers of the company and their compensation:

Here is what was reported on page 1 as the total salary expenditure for 2021:

Okay.  The IRS was told $173,108 was paid out in salaries / compensation / benefits. Yet, page 7 shows three employees getting paid NOTHING.  WHO GOT PAID THE $173,108 IN 2021?

Page 7 of THE 2021 FORM 990 shows Hill herself working an average of 55 hours per week for NO PAY. It shows her (and Robinson’s) son Dayson working an average of 30 hours per week for NO PAY.  The form also shows someone named Cassaundra Spinks working an average of 20 hours per week for NO PAY.

Perhaps the key word here is “reportable,” considering that the business is non-profit.

Let’s compare 2021’s page 7 with what was reported in 2020:

Same employees.  Same average hours worked.  But we now have “reportable compensation,” — unlike in the 2021 filing.  

Here is what was reported as total salary expense for the business on the 2020 filing:

$119,700 for 2019 and $158,013 for 2020.  So, the business went from the above kind of payments in 2020 to NOTHING in 2021?  According to the tax filings for 2021, SOMEBODY got $173,108 in benefits from the Robinson family business.  They’re just not identified on that particular IRS filing. 

You can couple the concerns about the “family business” filings with the issue over non-payment of property taxes.  Democrats SURE WILL in the general election campaign.

If Mark Robinson truly wants us to believe that he is THE MAN to properly steer and guide our ship of state for the next four to eight years, he and his people need to clear a few things up with us.