Censured, Thom. Cen-sured. (Now, walk across the aisle and ask them to help you spell it.)

The chief goon of the NCGOPe, our senior US senator, found himself reprimanded today overwhelmingly at the NCGOP convention. (Folks who voted YES on then censure motion: Be careful.  He and Susie are very likely to call your boss and try to get you fired. THAT is the way those two meanies roll.)

No one elected Traitorous Thom or his mean Hillary-wannabe wife to cross the aisle and hug liberals.  But they do it. Thom worked hard to stick a knife in Donald Trump’s back on the border wall.  He has carried water for The Chamber on illegal aliens.  The gays loaded him up with cash, so he helped them get married. He voted to bury our kids and grandkids under even more unmanageable debt. He’s voted to undermine our 2nd amendment rights. He’s voted for all kinds of welfare to Ukraine. Traitorous Thom has given the middle finger to just about every plank in the national and state GOP platforms.  Yet, the state party establishment has done cartwheels and all other kinds of gymnastics to protect him from criticism or censure.

The aging, decrepit RINOs who run our local party actually offered to write him a “stern memo” about his frequent collaboration with liberals.

In a nearly 3-1 vote today, the delegates to the state convention said NO THANKS to any and all current, past or future Tillis skullduggery or betrayal.  His RINO pals have been shrugging the censure off as “meaningless.”  If that is the case though, WHY have they been fighting censure attempts for so many years. now?

(Thom went down 3-1.  Whatley’s pals are claiming Whatley won a sketchy election 2-1.  Who believes Whatley really outperformed his mentor and “rabbi” by that much?) 

The next time GOPe types try to defend Tillis as “better than a Democrat,” tell them: “Hell, no he’s not. We made that clear in the motion we passed.”

Traitorous Thom has been using his elected offices for years to fatten his bank account.  He has no principles whatsoever, and could give a crap about what we think.  He’s not much different than a lot of the rot that sits atop the NC Republican Party org chart right now.

Everything the party has right now can be attributed to the passion and hard work of the grassroots activists Thom and his RINO pals snidely deride as “fringe.”  Voters bought the “conservative” message.  They asked for limited government, lower taxes, and toughness on crime, but are getting none of that from their veto-proof “conservative revolution.”