Keith Kidwell: Mr. Sensitive

There was another interesting sub-plot going on at the state convention today.  Sources told me they saw some heated conversation between chairman candidate John Kane and state Rep. Keith Kidwell.  That was unusual, my sources thought, because Kidwell was known as a John Kane supporter.

We found a source close to Kane to shed some light on all this drama.  Apparently, Kidwell came across an email newsletter published by some activists who happened to be John Kane supporters.  In one particular issue, they wrote an item about Kane, and then went on to another item criticizing Kidwell over “vaccine mandates.”

Apparently, according to this source, Kidwell interpreted the newsletter as a John Kane publication and blamed Kane for the criticism itself.  I was told Kane attempted to explain to Kidwell that he had NO CONTROL over the content of that newsletter or its writers.

That apparently did not sink in for the legislator.  Kidwell, from what sources told me, made his way through the convention bad-mouthing Kane and advertising he was switching his support FROM Kane and TO Whatley.

You may have read recently about Kidwell and Rep. Jeff McNeely being removed from their caucus leadership posts.  Whatley’s friends were the forces behind those removals.

So, Kidwell — in his misplaced anger — stabbed John Kane in the back to benefit the folks who had previously embarrassed him and McNeely in the media.