Chaos? Meet Charlie Foxtrot.

Today, Michael Whatley and his team made the perfect argument for his termination.  His big annual job — running the state GOP convention — went down this weekend. From start to finish, it has been a logistical nightmare.  (Whether it’s been on purpose, or not, is your call.)

As we foreshadowed, the plan to vote electronically was a spectacular failure. The Whatleyites. swore voting security was not a problem. Meanwhile, people attending the convention as non-voting guests were able to vote.  People not even IN Greensboro were allowed to access the voting component of the app.  Vote totals by county showed more votes than the county’s total allowed delegates.

What should have taken an hour or so filled the afternoon with drama and anger.  The app crashed at one point so NO ONE was allowed to cast votes.  There were two attempts to carry on with paper ballots.  The Whatleyites knocked down both efforts. After all, their man is the self-proclaimed election integrity guru of North Carolina.

Motions of ‘no confidence’ and ‘to vacate the chair’ came up, but were quickly dispensed with via parliamentary means by Whatley’s convention managers.

Like magic, a vote total sheet showed up indicating that ONLY votes for the chairman contest were counted.  The tally showed Whatley with 62 percent of the vote.  Of course — in line with Team Whatley’s wishes — there was NO paper trail to verify that or to resolve any of the other races. 

Establishment goons have been prancing around declaring victory for their man Whatley.  It seems incredible that this group of people can cheer about the reelection of a guy who ran on his management expertise and leadership in election integrity — in the wake of a disastrous convention and a dubious election riddled with problems.

The other state party offices have not been resolved. (There is no paper trail, remember.). Everybody adjourned for Donald Trump.

In his campaign speech at the convention, John Kane seemed to predict a mess like this:

[…] “Everyone in this room knows the cardinal rule of election integrity is there HAS TO BE a PAPER TRAIL. Machines have issues, sometimes unintentional, sometimes intentional. As we get ready to vote for our Party leadership today it will all be done electronically. No paper trail.

This simple election was 100% under the control of Chairman Michael Whatley and he broke the cardinal rule of election integrity. Here today, just like the elections in our State, Michael Whatley doesn’t think we have a voter integrity problem.I do. […]

Michael Whatley has stood by and let a select few turn the NCGOP into something that in no way reflects the values of We the People.Even today, he stands and defends breaking the most basic and essential rule of Election integrity by having us cast votes without a paper backup while we electronically vote on an untested app. Michael Whatley continues to stand against you.[…]

Earlier today, I proudly stood WITH you in the censure vote and now, I’m asking you to stand with me in a vote to move the power away from a chosen few and back into your hands, our hands, We the People. ” […]

This has all the makings of at least one future court fight. HOW can anyone have any confidence in or respect for what happened in Greensboro today?