The fix is IN: NCGOPe “supports” election integrity (just not in intra-party votes)

This weekend’s vote for NCGOP state chairman has been looking like quite the nail-biter.  Yet, establishment types in the current party leadership today managed to give incumbent Michael Whatley a bit of wiggle-room.

Employing what observers described as a “run-out-the-clock” strategy, party leaders approved rules for the convention which require voting for the party chairman to only be conducted via a smart phone app.

There will be no paper trail — like many election integrity activists have been seeking for votes inside and outside the party. 

There have been no specifics on what happens if the app crashes. Security concerns have been dismissed.  Sources familiar with the app say no one can vote who does not have a login and password — which can only be obtained from officials at the convention.

There were no clear answers as to how to prevent off-site voting.  Nor were there reassuring answers about whether on-site or off-site people could use the app to cast multiple votes.

WHY NOT allow for paper ballots and a paper trail if one is so SURE that the party as a whole endorses the idea of MORE Whatley?  Answer:  Because they know that is not the case.  Changing up to this high-tech method can allow for ensuring that the final tally reflects certain parties’ desired result. 

It’s not over.  But the evil empire has made the party-saving job a little tougher.  If the party is really important to you, fight tooth and nail to ensure there is plenty of integrity in all of its operations.