Criminalizing political opposition

It’s one of the many things we opposed and fought against in The Cold War.  Fascist authoritarians behind The Iron Curtain rounded up and locked up their political opponents left-and-right.  Opposition to the regime’s agenda was “criminal activity.”

Who would have thought we’d see it here.  Democrats tried it with Trump — impeaching him twice.  Look at all the criminal prosecution and harassment of regime opponents on January 6, 2021 and beyond.  President Trump has now been indicted for a second time.

Drive-by media types and their leftist lackeys in the field are labeling ANYONE and EVERYONE who does not march lockstep with them as “haters.”   (BIGOT is the new COMMUNIST.). The Southern Poverty Law Center has been driving that scam for the left.  (Our bull-crap local paper regularly quotes the SPLC in their stories.) The SPLC’s worst offense occurred after labeling The Family Research Council – a stalwart of the religious right – as a “hate group.”  A deranged homosexual man barged into the FRC’s DC offices and opened fire.  An FRC security guard was killed.  The suspect claimed he did it because of the SPLC’s labeling of the FRC as haters. 

The media said HO-HUM to the fact that an SPLC attorney was arrested  on terrorism charges for his part in an Antifa battle with police in Atlanta.

Now, the SPLC has come out with a new list of “haters” that includes parent groups concerned about all of the transgender propaganda wafting through our schools and communities.  NC’s very own Education First Alliance  — which busted ECU for its pediatric transgender activities — made this new list.

So, now, apparently, challenging the dominant fascist narrative officially makes you a “hater.”  (I hate to see it.)