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Folwell: City of Rocky Mount needs a good hard look

    We sure know how to keep federal investigators busy here in North Carolina.  Robin Hayes, David Lewis, and now The City of Rocky Mount:   State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, said federal criminal charges against the developer of Rocky Mount’s multimillion-dollar downtown…

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Brother, can ya spare, oh —– $50,000 ?????

  There are a few pretty interesting entries on the North Carolina Republican Party’s FEC financial disclosure report.  Look under the category of loans:     You have Dallas Woodhouse and FIVE Cabarrus County residents “loaning” the NCGOP a combined total of  $50,000 on the…

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The NCGOP: Speaker Timmy’s kid on the payroll. Michele Nix’s $$$. A $500K hole. (Who crashed the day care van?)

  It’s always fun to take a peek at how the state party is spending what money it still has.  Especially now that Dallas & The Defendant are gone from the premises. This latest report is chock full of intrigue and questions.   Especially the…

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They’re broke, and they aren’t cutting a dime’s worth of spending.

  That’s YOUR Robeson County school board:   Before hearing the first of 30 appeals from employees whose contracts were slated to be terminated, the Board of Education of the Public Schools of Robeson County voted 6-5 in a special meeting Wednesday night at the…

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Lemons paid fines for his Harnett GOP screwups with NCGOP cash

  This story just keeps getting, um, better.   We’ve  told you about how NCGOP treasurer Jason Lemons — current Harnett County school board chairman and college buddy of David Lewis, Dee Stewart, and Dallas Woodhouse — has been serving as treasurer of the state…

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NCGOP: $4K in the bank. $800 monthly cable bills. And Dallas gets a contract.

  And, oh, yes, the NCGOP was still paying for the monthly fill-up of Robin’s airplane right up to that, um, “unpleasantness” in April with the US attorney.  And — according to the report — they’re STILL paying Catherine Whiteford to run for some basically…

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Another day, another mea culpa from the NCGOP treasurer

  He’s struggled with keeping the finances for the Harnett County GOP and the Second Congressional District.  Yet, someone thought it was a great idea to put Jason Lemons in charge of the money at NCGOP HQ in Raleigh.  We’ve documented here and here and…

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#hayesscandal: Still swimming in DENIAL

  Seeing his future employment prospects grow dimmer by the moment, Dallas Woodhouse is puffing up his chest and talking tough:   […] The executive director handles the day-to-day operations of the party staff. Woodhouse said the office is already moving on from Hayes’ indictment….

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More, um, “fun” with the NCGOP treasurer

    Jason Lemons is a busy guy.  He’s chairman of the Harnett County Board of Education.  He oversees the finances for the Harnett County GOP and its building fund.  AND he’s the treasurer for the North Carolina Republican Party itself. We told you earlier…

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#ncgop: STILL paying her to run for office. STILL paying for Robin’s airplane.

  Barbara Jackson got thrown under the bus before the first early vote got cast in her reelection bid to the state Supreme Court.  We’re now getting frantic  emails about  how the turbulent 2018 election took a toll on NCGOP  finances.  Let’s take a moment…