The NCGOP: Speaker Timmy’s kid on the payroll. Michele Nix’s $$$. A $500K hole. (Who crashed the day care van?)


It’s always fun to take a peek at how the state party is spending what money it still has.  Especially now that Dallas & The Defendant are gone from the premises. This latest report is chock full of intrigue and questions.


Especially the line item about “car damage.”




Under the previous regime, we heard all about the alleged fundraising prowess of Dallas & The Defendant.     Meanwhile,  I am hearing that those two left the party with about a $500,000 hole to fill.   I hear Chairman Whatley is doing a valiant job of trying to repair the mess and fill that hole.  But most of what he’s pulling in appears to be shake-down proceeds from the two legislative caucuses over on  Jones Street.


According to published reports,  then-vice chairman Michele Nix announced her candidacy for Congress on March 4 —  but set up  an exploratory committee two weeks earlier (the week of  February 18).  According to the party’s reporting to the state , here’s what Nix got:



It’s also interesting to see that someone from Kings Mountain named Wilson Moore got onto the party payroll.  Speaker Timmy has a teenage son named Wilson.   The address provided in the financial report for Wilson Moore is for a Kings Mountain home owned by a Juli Moore, who appears to have owned property at one time or another with Speaker Timmy.