UNC votes to defund DEI in next year’s budget, move $$$ to cops and security

You have to admire the UNC-CH board of trustees for making this move.  Granted, two of them ARE running for higher office this year.  (And ONE is on today’s ballot, while another appears again in November.)  You have to ask: WHAT took so long?

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees reportedly voted on Monday to dismantle its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs and transfer millions in funding instead to public safety and campus police on the heels of anti-Israel demonstrations

The unanimous decision by the trustees will reallocate $2.3 million that the university spends on DEI programs toward police and public safety measures as part of its annual budget approval process, The News & Observer reported. 

Last fiscal year, UNC Chapel Hill’s operating budget surpassed $4 billion. […]

Campus security has been in desperate need of more help for years. Hard-leftists in the administration and faculty have done their damnedest to disarm and neuter campus police. They’ve created a welcoming environment for left-wingers inside and outside the college community to come on campus and treat it like their very own hellish marxist playground.

It’s interesting how little of this  nonsense we see going on outside of college campus and college towns.  SO few people in the real world will tolerate their crap.

DEI is so inter-woven into the bureaucratic structure at Carolina that it will take years and years to weed it all out.  And don’t forget that the authoritarians and race-pimps who presided over the implementation of DEI are still in place.  The mentality behind that mess is still present and accounted for.

They can change the name of what they do.  They can pay for it with other budget line items.  To get the disease called DEI OUT of our flagship university for GOOD, you’re going to need to go to war and weed out a lot of troublemaking vermin currently ensconced in the administrative and faculty ranks.  If the mindset is allowed to remain, they’ll find a way to do what they want. (Just wait for when the trustees are distracted by one of their numerous cocktail parties or basketball games.) 

Another thought: If the UNC-CH trustees can do something like this, why can’t the community colleges and every other state-funded college around the state do the same?  Here in bright-red Moore County, Sandhills Community College has a bear-hug on its DEI program. We’ve written about it extensively, but the trustees sure are slow to move.

A few of them have told us something called a “strategic plan” pledges to wipe DEI off the campus over four or five years.  First, I don’t believe this strategic plan is a binding document. (It’s not made available to the public via the college’s website, by the way.)  Second, if the UNC-CH trustees just  wiped out DEI’s money with one vote, why can’t Sandhills Community College – or any other college – do the same exact thing? 

Keep fighting, folks.  Small victories like what we got in Chapel Hill are great, but this one is just getting started.