#hayesscandal: New judge? Dem replaced by Republican



The bribery case involving former NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes was slated to be heard by federal Judge (and Democrat)  Max Cogburn — most famous for single-handedly legalizing gay marriage in North Carolina.  Now, it appears that US District Judge Kenneth Bell — a REPUBLICAN and one of the newest federal judges on the bench — will hear the case.



*Sniff, sniff.  Can you SMELL the home-cookin’? *


Bell ran unsuccessfully for the Fifth Congressional District in 1990 as a Republican.  He was nominated to the federal bench by Donald Trump earlier this year.  Bell was confirmed by the Senate and took his seat on the bench FIVE DAYS AGO.

5 thoughts on “#hayesscandal: New judge? Dem replaced by Republican

  1. Are we seeing a repeat of Kennedy vs. Mary Jo Kopechne?
    Money talks. Liars walk. Come see us in Ktown to explain where our pensions went.
    We’ll be sitting on the porches of our mill house chantys.

  2. Point in particular to my above. Robin cosponsored the 1st net ban bill that the Coastal CONservation Association caused when it came to N C some 25 or so years ago. Look at the positions of influence he has been in since. He, the CCA and $gullible$ members of the General Assembly are why the MFC has corroded the DMF and DEQ. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Junk science yields junk legislating. “We the people” deserve better.

    Browny Douglas

  3. Another particular. On Nov 2nd 2016 MIDWAY early voting Robin’s exercise of the CCA’s influence on Gov McCrory was glaring. Pat made a particular re appointment to the MFC that really bruised his integrity. He had all but sworn on the Bible that he was not going to do what he did. Robin aid and abetted in part, the GOP loss of the Governors mansion.

    Browny Douglas.

  4. I have greatly committed an error in the above comments by failing to point out that the CCA , due to the efforts of Robin, has morphed into the NC Wildlife Federation. So to speak that is. The federations early on very commendable members are sickened.

    Browny Douglas

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