#ncpol: A front-runner for NCGOP E.D.?




It’s going to take someone special to fill Dallas’s over-sized clown shoes.  But word is leaking out about a familiar name ( to political insiders) being the front runner for the job.


Does the name Jim Burton ring any bells?  If not, here’s a refresher from last year:


In an apparent attempt to dilute votes for the North Carolina Democratic Party’s endorsed candidates, a shadowy group linked to Republican consultants is sending mailers “recruiting Democratic lawyers to run for judge.”



Wake County Commissioner John Burns, a Democrat, tweeted photos of the mailers over the weekend. “North Carolina needs strong Democratic voices on the bench for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals,” the mailer says under an image of Uncle Sam.



The group behind the mailers and an associated website is calling itself The Alliance for Fairness in Justice. The group’s IRS registration form lists former N.C. House Republican Caucus Director Jim Burton as its primary contact.



Burton is no longer on the NCGOP staff but works as an independent political consultant for Republican candidates, including N.C. House candidate Bobby Hanig’s campaign. He did not respond to an email inquiry Sunday. […]