#ncga: A majority leader and his money


It’s always interesting to see the folks who write our tax laws, and decide what happens with OUR MONEY, struggle with the very same regulations and laws they foist on US.


We’ve discussed Speaker Timmy’s fiscal follies at length in the past.  Now comes another member of House leadership — Majority Leader John Bell.   (Granted this all went down initially between mid-January and early March of this year, but it’s STILL news.)


The ball got rolling in mid-January with what appears to be THIS anonymous tip to the state board of elections:


Between January and March, it appears the state board of elections audited the majority leader’s campaign account.  On March 1, the Bell campaign received an audit letter.  Here is the takeaway from that:




My “favorite” is the $500 check from the “unregistered” PAC.  But the story doesn’t end there.


On March 2,  Bell’s campaign was ordered to forfeit $3,103 in “prohibited contributions.”


If campaign finance regulations are too complicated for the big boys on Jones Street to comply with and understand, maybe it’s time they get seriously revisited and reformed.