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The House Majority Leader has a new job. (um, thanks, Timmy?)

    Business NC has all the details:   Rep. John Bell, R-Wayne, the majority leader of the N.C. House of Representatives, has joined Rise Capital, a private equity business formed over the last year by Greenville businessman Harry Smith. Rise Capital now controls four…

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#ncga: A majority leader and his money

  It’s always interesting to see the folks who write our tax laws, and decide what happens with OUR MONEY, struggle with the very same regulations and laws they foist on US.   We’ve discussed Speaker Timmy’s fiscal follies at length in the past.  Now…

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#ncga Monkey Business Report: John Bell’s ‘fishy’ bill

House majority leader John Bell is a nice guy.  (I’ve actually talked with him.)  You want to like him. You want to believe what he says.  But then you remember — HE’S IN LEADERSHIP.  Choir Boys and Boy Scouts don’t make it to the top of…

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#ncga: Do legislators honestly believe their job is to make us all happy and successful?

Here is NC House majority leader John Bell: No, not really.  Life is not always fair.  Some people make it big in college football or basketball, the NBA, and the NFL. Many do not.  Some people go off to college, graduate, and then make millions….

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#ncga: Bell! Arp! (Projected Loss of EIGHT House GOP seats?)

It looks like you are now required to have a last name reminiscent of a sound effect from the old “Batman” TV show in order to be elevated to House leadership.  (Szoka!  Bell! Arp!) To observers in the room at today’s House GOP caucus meeting, the elevation…

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#ncga: Cracking the (House) Whip

I’ve got a newfound sense of respect for John Bell.  We took it to him TWICE yesterday.  Instead of ducking and running, or just badmouthing us in private, the Goldsboro Republican (and third-ranking House member) decided to go head-to-head with The Daily Haymaker. One of…

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#ncga: Another one taking care of HIS business

We’ve posted before about state Rep. Jamie Boles — a funeral home owner — introducing and voting on all kinds of legislation that directly affects his business.  Now, it appears that state Rep. John Bell — a credit union executive — is also getting in…

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#ncga: House members jumping into political consulting game

Goldsboro’s John Bell was a young, fresh face swept into town to replace disgraced, indicted legislator Stephen LaRoque.  In his second term in the House, Bell has risen to the powerful post of House Majority Whip.  The NCGA web site lists Bell’s day job as…

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L’affaire LaRoque: C’est fini?

Well, it appears embattled Republican legislator and state House Rules Committee chairman Stephen LaRoque  is DONE.  The recount in his apparent May 8th loss to challenger John Bell confirmed that LaRoque lost by 39 votes. Confirmation of the LaRoque defeat would appear to eliminate one…

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Two new players in L’affaire LaRoque?

    It appears that state Rep. Stephen LaRoque (R-Kinston) will have a political fight to complement his current legal fight.  The NC Free Enterprise Foundation (NCFEF)  is reporting that the beleaguered legislator will be facing Goldsboro realtor John Bell and Wayne County commissioner Andy…