Get the weasels on the record BEFORE the primary.

Grassroots pressure shut down the General Assembly’s efforts to add casinos to North Carolina’s landscape and legalize marijuana.  The grifters in charge of the Republican super-majority promised that those issues would be revisited in the so-called “short session,” which typically happens between the primary and the November general election.

interestingly, its come out that House Majority Leader John Bell (R) has been named president of a new company likely to benefit from legislative action legalizing marijuana. 

Bell’s non-political work experience includes – as far as we know – a credit union and an insurance agency. *No sign of anything remotely related to weed.*

From what we can tell, Bell was – at best – a mid to low-level exec at both places. Not exactly company president material.  

Oh, and all the babbling about ‘pain relief’ is the lowest form of crap.  I’ve dealt with significant pain issues, as have some folks close to me. Doctors have plenty of quality pain relief options available to them without needing to legalize marijuana.

The casino AND marijuana legislative packages stand to fill the pockets of many a Raleigh politician and politically-connected ($$$$$$) soul.   Neither are about economic development.  Neither are about the greater good of the people of North Carolina.  Both are about lining the pockets of elected folks and their cronies. 

The short session – slyly nicknamed the ‘sin session’ – is aimed at helping legislators avoid tough questions from voters and possible voter anger at the polls.  As we know, their jobs in Raleigh are all about catering to big-money donors and their lobbyists and not those pesky voters back home. 

The theory is that – if enough malleable legislators escape the primaries in March – they will be free to vote how Phil and Timmy and John Bell want them to.  What are the suckers back home going to do? Vote DEMOCRAT?

I’d do it just to punish the weasels. If they lie to their voters – if they actively try to deceive their voters – they don’t deserve two more years in Raleigh.  Not even two more months. 

So, the next time you encounter an “honorable” running for election or reelection to the North Carolina General Assembly, ask them if they plan to vote FOR Tim Moore and Phil Berger‘s plan to legalize marijuana and decorate our state with casinos.

Get them on the record NOW.  So you can crucify them later – like in November – if they lie to you or double-cross you.