Making North Carolina’s problem a NATIONAL problem

The Republican National Committee has been useless and annoying and obstructive for as long as I can remember.  (I’ve been around quite a while and can remember a long way back.)

Conservatism has helped the GOP grow over the years from a refuge for blue-blood country-clubbers to a nationwide force-to-be-reckoned with.  The folks at the top of the GOP food chain give positive lip service to conservatism until right about the time the polls close, and then the mission becomes stomp the guts out of everyone and everything conservative in sight. 

That appears to have been the mission of the North Carolina GOP over the last several years. So, it makes sense to elevate the man at the helm of the Raleigh mischief – Michael Whatley – to be king of the WHOLE shebang.

Donald Trump is apparently ready to sack current RNC chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel. That’s ironic because Trump enthusiastically endorsed her in both of her victorious chairmanship elections.

McDaniel is a problem because Trump elevated her to the job and blessed her for another term.  The only reason Nikki Haley has any standing to challenge Trump in the presidential race is because Trump brought her to DC and made her UN ambassador.

The New York Times, of all entities, broke the story today about Whatley’s likely elevation to head the national party.  Unnamed Trump sources fawned in that article over Whatley’s alleged hard work in fighting vote fraud.  (*Never mind that both of Whatley’s state-level chairmanship elections were clouded by irregularities and other assorted shenanigans.*) 

President Trump has been getting some horrid advice about the political landscape in North Carolina. (He and his team are apparently paying way too much attention to a lot of Marco Rubio fans circa 2016.)

Trump endorsed the reelection of horrible Thom Tillis in 2020.  Trump endorsed Mark Robinson for governor in 2024.

Despite his condemnation of ‘The Swamp’ and “the deep state,” Trump has come forward with an endorsement of lobbyist and ex-Richard Hudson aide Addison McDowell for Congress.

Donald Trump has said and done a lot of admirable things. But it’s maddening to see and hear these decisions from his camp that are vicious kicks-to-the-groin for so many who have fought so hard FOR Trump. 

We’ve given Whatley quite a bit of coverage since his elevation to the top party job in Raleigh.  Here’s Whatley boasting to a leftist web site about his condemnation of the January 6th protesters.

His staff in Raleigh has meddled in primaries on behalf of liberal Republicans facing off against conservatives. 

Whatley has argued on behalf of moderating the party in order to compete in an allegedly “purple state.”

Election law reformers have actually criticized Whatley for doing next to nothing as real reforms got slapped down by a GOP majority in the General Assembly.

The percentage of registered Republican voters in North Carolina has actually dropped during Whatley’s reign.  (You can’t even get NCGOP HQ interested in educating voters about the GOP primary candidates or how to touch base with them.)

Party apparatchiks can lie to The New York Times and the rest of the lazy drive-by media all they want.  This Whatley-for-McDaniel trade is basically throwing out something bad and replacing it with something just as bad (if not worse).

If you haven’t noticed, there is a major power play by NCGOPe types to take over the party and the governing process.  If all goes, um, “well” in March and November, a majority of the council of state, the state courts, the legislature, the congressional delegation AND the governor’s office will all fall under the influence and control of ONE certain office in Raleigh’s legislative office building.

Consolidate governmental power, increase your leverage over people, and then gain control of an awful lot of money. Public service – helping other people – is so far off the radar screen it’s not even funny.

In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t matter much anymore.  Sure, they’ll feed us some feel-good, sound-good pabulum in some syrupy-sweet commercials airing during Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy each night.

But the folks who really matter are the ones who do the best job of lining the pockets of these weasels. They’ll get everything they want.  We just have to keep smiling, keep shelling out our hard earned dollars for it, and keep showing up to vote.

Whatley-to-DC just extends and solidifies the Raleigh clique’s influence another 360 miles or so north.  Nothing good will come from this — at least, for us.