A $30,000 per week beach getaway in Virginia? (WHO paid?)

Keeping up with the comings-and-goings of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is quite easy when you follow his wife Yolanda Hill’s social media.

Yolanda Hill’s social media reports that she and Robinson and two other couples spent a week in July 2023 at a luxury beachfront home called Palazzo in the Sandbridge section of Virginia Beach, VA.

Here’s a photo of Lt. Gov. Robinson in one of the home’s kitchens. 

Now compare the above photo to the photo below from the home’s promotional website.

A beach vacation can be nice and relaxing.  Sometimes, though, the price tag can be a wee bit tough to swallow.  Take a look at what this particular house rents for per week in a month outside the summer (like, for instance, February).

Now let’s look at what the same house rents for during the busier summer months (like, say, July which was about the time the Robinsons and their friends visited).

Yep.  THAT is what you’ll get hit for if you try to rent this house for a week in late July / early August. 

Now a question gets raised:  WHO paid the bill for this stay at the beach?  Did Mr. Robinson and Ms. Hill foot the bill themselves?  Did the Robinson For Governor campaign foot the bill?

The owners of the rental property told us they neither know nor know of Mark Robinson or Yolanda Hill.  So we can rule it out as a gift from the property owners.

We reached out to Brian LiVecchi, Robinson’s chief of staff, to see if he could shed some light on who paid this particular bill.  Here’s what he told us via email:

[…] “I’m afraid I do not track the details of the Lieutenant Governor’s vacation time, beyond rudimentary pertinent security concerns.  Accordingly, our office possesses no public records which could reasonably be considered responsive to what I’m assuming is a request for public records pursuant to NCGS Ch. 132. ‘’ […]

So, the question remains:  Who paid for the beach stay?