Whatley: ‘We ain’t a Republican state. Deal with it.’

Those are the words delivered by NCGOP chairman Michael Whatley to a sparsely-attended state executive committee meeting in Charlotte over the weekend.  The semi-annual meeting was so poorly-attended it could not produce the bare minimum of 140 attendees necessary for quorum. (Perhaps it had something do with holding it in a location no one wants to go to, and holding it on a weekend so close to Christmas.)

I had a few moles in the room.  One of the more surprising occurrences, my moles tell me, was Whatley’s admission about the state of affairs in North Carolina.  Said one mole:

“He said we are a purple state.  Not a red one.  He said he’s come to grips with it and we need to as well. “

That sounds like someone trying to justify complete abandonment of conservatism.  If we’re ‘purple’, then we have to pull a ‘Tillis’ and “reach across the aisle.”  “Moderates” will surely be turned off by all this “harsh” conservative talk.

If THAT is where we’re headed, WHY bother with a party platform? Make our elections all about personalities — the R team vs. the D team. *None of that freedom vs. statism foolishness.*

Another mole mentioned that Whatley also nixed the idea of closing primaries to only registered Republicans:

“He said we need those moderates and unaffiliateds to survive as a party. In reality, it’s all about letting people like Tillis thrive while conservatives get watered down and flushed out.”

The moles said Whatley painted 2022 as a huge success.  Never mind the total disappearance of a ‘red wave.’  Never mind that we have more Democrats in our congressional delegation.  Never mind that Republican registration is DOWN since he took office.  Never mind that 2022 saw the party fall $300K behind 2021 in total fundraising.

Hmmm.  Info like that helped topple Hasan Harnett.  Though, the real reason Harnett got run off was because he was not part of the crime families that run both major political parties.

I’m told that the lack of a quorum killed any chance of dealing with Tillis.  At least FIVE different motions dealing with Tillis were brought to the meeting.  Some interesting remarks were delivered by an official from Davie County, the home of senator-elect Ted Budd, according to one mole:

“This person said something really needs to be done about Tillis right now.  They said they have a whole bunch of people back home ready to leave the party if he isn’t dealt with.  People are worn out with him. He’s killing the Republican Party at the grass roots.”

These people in Raleigh DO NOT CARE.  They’d be fine if every conservative left.  They spend all their time lining their pockets and promoting themselves and their friends.  They want to be the guy or gal to see the next time a GOP governor or president gets elected.  *Stuff like ideology is for ‘crazy’ people.*

Like Barry Goldwater once said, during his battle with The Rockefeller Republicans: ‘It’s a time for choosing.’

You can hang your head, and allow these people to keep leading you around on a leash. Or you can go on offense. There are more of us than them.

They are in power because people like us made voting Republican cool.  Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan and Democrat presidential nominee George McGovern tore down the Democrat firewall in eastern North Carolina and made the GOP competitive here.  People were moved by the genuine, heart-felt conservatism.

Way too many people are now climbing the GOP career ladder repeating the word ‘conservative’ over and over, but embracing big spending, bigger taxes, and social decay.  Either drop the platform altogether and tell people you were “just kidding,” or adhere to every syllable.  It’s not a Sunday buffet at Golden Corral.

There is actually a criminal charge out there called “obtaining property by false pretenses.’  So many of our so-called leaders could be charged with that.  They’ve taken our trust, and jobs funded by our tax dollars, by lying to us about being conservative.

Time to choose.  Hang your head, and keep submitting.  Or go on offense.