The Pro-Public-Urination Candidate?

WUNC’s Colin Campbell is one excited little guy.  At the N&O during the HB2 drama,  Campbell reached record heights of excitement in writing about public bathrooms and what trannies might or might not be doing in there.  He even managed the amazing feat of transitioning ACC basketball coverage into a discussion of what might be happening in the men’s room at the game-in-question’s location.  (Some folks, amused at Campbell’s passion re: bathroom activities, gave him the nickname of Colon — as in, the gastrointestinal tract.)

Well, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson appears to have revived Campbell’s bathroom passions by raising the trannies-in-the-restroom issue at a recent campaign stop: 

*Oooooof. Oy vey.  etc., etc.*.  

I am pretty sure this is NOT what the NCGOP campaign gods wanted to discuss during campaign 2024.

Robinson’s pitch does raise an interesting question.  He seeks to “protect women” by reviving the issue of trannies in public toilets.   But is encouraging public urination / defecation a crime for trannies and basically anyone else outside of the canine speciestruly advancing the family values argument?  How would you explain trannies watering the grass to the little ones in your family?  

The state’s drive-by media went out of its collective mind and blew the issue of HB2, of course, WAAAAAAAY out of proportion.

We’ve got runaway inflation beating us to a pulp.  We’ve still got one of the highest gas taxes in the country.  We have a tax burden in-state that is as high as it was when Democrats last controlled Raleigh.  State spending is out-of-control and out-of-hand.  Life is rough right now.  And THIS is what our alleged frontrunner in the race for governor has to offer us?

Our lazy, useless drive-by media shares some blame for the lousy 2024 election coverage.  I’ve seen one drive-by article that actually had some constructive discussion about issues people care about. The rest of the coverage focuses on Mark Robinson’s Facebook posts and what they may or may not hold for the future. 

Mark Robinson’s refusal to talk to ANY media helps to limit the quality of information being transmitted to the public.  An important civic process – a gubernatorial election – has been reduced to something with all the seriousness of an American Idol season.

Maybe Team Robinson and all their allies in the legislative building really want to revive HB2 and the ghosts of 2016.  If so, how will they get past the fact that HB2’s one-time biggest Republican cheerleaders fell all over themselves to repeal HB2 once the useless drive-bys and Roy Cooper started squealing in protest?  (Do they not think the lefties will scream holy hell THIS TIME AROUND?)

So, Robinson wants trannies relieving themselves in public. Is there anything ELSE?  What are his proposals and / or solutions for public education, the economy, and law & order?

I’ve encountered folks who have tried to brief Robinson on important issues — only to be met with responses such as “I don’t get it.” 

I DON’T GET IT.  (How’s that strike you for a potential replacement for esse quam videri?)