Thom Tilli$$ to the, um, RESCUE ???

*If my political fortunes were waning, the first thing I’d do is turn to a guy fresh off a 2023 censure by his own party.*

A guy who limits his public appearances in the Tar Heel State to avoid the embarrassment of being booed and / or cussed out by fellow Republicans.  A guy who thinks everything is fine at our southern national border.  A guy who thinks we can’t possibly give Ukraine too much of our money.

Yes, I’m talking about our senior US senator Thom Tillis.  Tillis and his political “brain,” Paul Shumaker, have their fingerprints all over the 2024 GOP primaries in North Carolina.  In the early 2000s, Shumaker worked with the late Richard Morgan to neuter, to de-conservative the NCGOP.  Morgan is gone, but the mission is still apparently alive and well with Tillis.

In the governor’s race, they are with Bill Graham.   In the congressional races, they are with John Bradford (8th district), Grey Mills (10th district), Chuck Edwards (11th district),  and Tim Moore (14th district)

Interestingly, the Tillis-Shumaker cabal has decided to dive into the down-ballot battle for the GOP nod for superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction.   Conservative Michele Morrow is giving total and compete what-for to left-of-center “Republican” incumbent Catherine Truitt.  Truitt’s tenure at NC DPI has been highlighted by a stronger emphasis on DEI, race, and sexual orientation than on “silly” stuff like reading, writing, and arithmetic.  

Even Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has publicly commented on how much public disdain is out there for Catherine Truitt.  So, the political gods in Raleigh and Charlotte and DC apparently think the antidote to fix this problem is to call in someone arguably hated as much, if not worse, than Truitt.

Tillis appears to be teaming with his successor in Raleigh – and likely colleague in DC – Tim Moore and Phil Berger to raise funds for Truitt.

We’re also hearing reports that a political action committee affiliated with state Rep. Jason Saine he of the fairy-tale, meteoric rise from unemployment to head of the legislature’s appropriations process — will be diving into the effort to save Truitt.

How did we reach a point where DC and Raleigh are picking WHO will be representing us?  Our founders meant for us to confer and select one of our trusted neighbors to go off and actually act on our wishes.  Unfortunately, we are now far too often saddled with people we hardly know, who are hardly qualified, to make major decisions for the future of our state and nation.

It’s pretty easy to confirm that the great majority of primary voters out there are not interested in the race-baiting, gender-bending claptrap and propaganda being aggressively pushed by Truitt and her comrades in Education, Inc.   So, WHY are our alleged “representatives” in the alleged conservative party working so hard to protect and elevate people like Catherine Truitt?