#ncga: Do legislators honestly believe their job is to make us all happy and successful?

Here is NC House majority leader John Bell:

No, not really.  Life is not always fair.  Some people make it big in college football or basketball, the NBA, and the NFL. Many do not.  Some people go off to college, graduate, and then make millions.  Many others DO NOT.  Experiencing your dreams and goals is most often a byproduct of hardwork and the chips falling the right way.  A lot of people work really hard and never experience their dreams and goals.

The job of John Bell and his colleagues is two-fold: (1) ensure the money we send to Raleigh is spent in an ethical, lawful manner, and (2) get government out of the way so we are as free as possible to make the choices we feel are best for ourselves and our families.  Not to be Fantasy Island’s Mr. Rourke or Santa Claus or The Tooth Fairy.