#ncpol: Ol’ Roy and that pesky constitution

Leftists tend to be creative types.  That’s why they dominate and excel in the arts.  In the legal community, they tend to take great pride in pulling stuff out of their collective posteriors and calling it “constitutional.” That’s how you get a “right to abortion” out of Constitutional amendments calling for due process and prohibiting warrant-less search and seizures.  

Well, it appears the don of the sockless-low T – Prius driving – sip chardonnay with the pinkie extended – Chapel Hill mafia has pulled something really big out of his bony posterior to show us:

Even before Gov. Roy Cooper‘s ‘compromise’ plan for repealing HB2 became legislation, it ran into staunch opposition from Republican leaders.

Cooper unveiled his plan at a news conference Tuesday morning.

It calls for a full repeal of the controversial HB2, tougher penalties on people who commit crimes in restrooms, plus a requirement that local governments notify the legislature at least 30 days before passing the nondiscrimination ordinance.[…]

Again, this is coming from someone who held the post of attorney general for 16 years, but really didn’t want to bother with defending our state’s constitution (which he swore to uphold).  The state constitution says you don’t approve anything like this at the local level without first getting the blessing of the General Assembly.

HB2 was necessary because we had an attorney general, at the time, who absolutely refused to stand up for the state constitution, common sense, or the laws of nature.  And now that very same layabout is governor.  

WHAT is wrong with simply abiding by the requirements laid out in the state constitution?  (Answer: The rabble pushing for this KNOW they will never get a majority of the votes on Jones Street to allow this to happen.  So, the plan is to beat people over the head with negative publicity until they wilt from the pressure.  The rule of law be damned.) 

Cooper claimed it would appease those who opposed a ‘clean’ repeal of House Bill 2.

Appeasing opponents?  How about operating in accordance with STATE LAW?

“I hear you and I have a proposal that specifically addresses your concerns,” Cooper said.

Republican leaders did not welcome it with open arms. They issued statements criticizing the so-called compromise.

“It will create a state-sanctioned ‘Look, But Don’t Touch’ policy in our bathrooms,” said Lt. Gov Dan Forest.

“Gov. Cooper’s press conference is the first we’ve heard of his so-called compromise,” said Senate Leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham.

The same people who have screwed up Orange County are now running rampant through the executive branch and rioting and defecating in the streets.  The NCGOPe — and all the opportunities they wasted over the last four years — are responsible for our current situation.  From sticking us with a lemon of a gubernatorial candidate to giving Roy Cooper all of those free passes in AG races.  THEY OWN THIS.