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#ncga: Let’s do the (constitution amendment) hustle!

After being swatted down by some judges, the honorables are back in town to take another stab at (at least) TWO of the six amendments to the state constitution we are slated to vote on in November. The deadlines for printing ballots are fast approaching….

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#ncpol: Ol’ Roy and that pesky constitution

Leftists tend to be creative types.  That’s why they dominate and excel in the arts.  In the legal community, they tend to take great pride in pulling stuff out of their collective posteriors and calling it “constitutional.” That’s how you get a “right to abortion”…

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Electoral College, 2nd Amendment: firewalls against tyranny

Our founding fathers had a really good reason for giving us each of those concepts. Liberals look at the 2000 and 2016 elections and howl.  Our guy / gal won the popular vote but didn’t get the presidency! Not fair! Actually, the electoral college —…