Electoral College, 2nd Amendment: firewalls against tyranny

biggovtOur founding fathers had a really good reason for giving us each of those concepts.

Liberals look at the 2000 and 2016 elections and howl.  Our guy / gal won the popular vote but didn’t get the presidency! Not fair!

Actually, the electoral college — and the differences in the US House and Senate — both had their roots in a concern about large population centers dominating everyone else in the country.  North Carolina has 13 votes in the US House.  New Hampshire has two.  But in the US Senate, each state has two votes.   The Senate was set up to equalize / neutralize those concerns. 

If there were no electoral college, you’d have our president regularly being picked by NYC, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, L.A. and San Francisco.  If you’ve been alarmed at the damage Yankee invaders have done to our once pristine Southern towns, imagine what could be done if they had unrestrained influence at the presidential level.   President Rahm Emmanuel?  Vice-President Bill DeBlasio?  President Pelosi?  Vice-President Al Sharpton?

The electoral college evens things out and ensures we all get a fair shake in choosing our nation’s leader.  Winning New York’s gazillion mindlessly-loyal Democrat votes can be offset by winning a number of key states out there in the real world. 

I read a pretty good analogy the other day — comparing an America without an electoral college to the country depicted in ‘The Hunger Games.’  You’d have a handful of enclaves across the country with all the power.

The Second Amendment has its roots in our Founders’s fears of a repeat of British antics.  The British — in their attempts to quell the protests in America — went door to door confiscating weapons.  It’s so much easier to control everyone else when you have all the guns.  Governments being watched by a well-armed populace tend to behave much better than those overseeing a disarmed one.

Just like with their legislating from the bench, liberals are always looking for backdoor methods to tear up inconvenient impediments to their agenda (which can’t buy any love from the voting public).